A real haircut during the pandemic

As of yesterday, Indiana is making the coronavirus vaccine available to every Hoosier aged 50 and older. I signed up as soon as I found out. I get the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on St. Patrick’s Day.

Nails and Hair

I originally planned to wait until I was vaccinated before I did what I did last week: I went to get a haircut.

I had been cutting my own hair. Buzzing it, rather: 3/8 inch on the sides, 3/4 inch on the top. Where top and sides met, I blended it as best I could. Hair that short isn’t my favorite look, especially since it reveals how much my hair has thinned on top. But that cut always grew out all right. I made this photo about eight weeks after one of my buzz cuts.

Mirror selfie

I didn’t want to face another buzz cut. I’ve had enough of them! Even when they grew out, I couldn’t style my hair as I prefer. I have no idea how to do what a pro stylist does. I was so ready to look like myself again!

Infection rates have fallen dramatically both across Indiana and in my county, and mask and social-distancing mandates are still in place here. I decided that for my next haircut, I would take the risk and go see a stylist.

It felt at once strange and normal to sit in the stylist’s chair. I chose a walk-in place near my home and got a stylist I’d never used before. I’ve had better haircuts, but his cut was still far better than any I’ve given myself.

With the rate of vaccination increasing, I hope that sometime this summer events like a haircut become commonplace again.


My coronacut

My hair finally got so long that I couldn’t style it anymore. Here in Indiana I am able to make an appointment at a stylist, but I cut it myself anyway. I’m convinced we’re reopening too fast here. I have zero interest in human contact as close as the stylist’s chair requires.

I own a little Wahl Peanut clipper. The longest guard you can get for it is a #4, which is ½ inch. I wish I had a #8 1-inch guard, but I’d have to buy a bigger and better clipper for that. Clippers are out of stock everywhere (surprise!), so I went with the Peanut.

There’s nothing about this cut that’s stylish, but at least it will be easy care. When it grows to about an inch on top, I’ll clip the sides to ½ inch again and blend them with the top.

25th high-school reunion, 2010

This cut is emotionally painful because it reveals exactly how much hair I’ve lost on top of my head.

The last time I had hair this short was in about 1999. The hair was so dense, you couldn’t see my scalp. That’s not true anymore!

It’s thin enough on top that I wonder whether my scalp will burn when I next spend a lot of time in the sun.

I’m not bald — yet. Give my hair a couple months, and its length will cover my hair loss reasonably well.

At my 25th high-school reunion, I was named winner of the hair lottery. It was kind of surprising to see how many of my male classmates had lost their hair.

Looks like I am on track to join them at last. I had a great run, though.