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  • Good grass, man

    Growing grass during the pandemic.

  • single frame: Schwinn Collegiate

    Schwinn CollegiateOlympus OM-1, 50mm f/1.8 F. Zuiko Auto-SFujifilm Fujicolor 2002015 This is my 1986 Schwinn Collegiate 3-speed bicycle. It’s a Taiwan Schwinn, meaning purists look down their nose a little. But it’s sturdy and of good quality. I bet if I compared it part by part with my 1973 Chicago-made Schwinn Collegiate 5 speed, I…

  • Barn on the trail Nikon N2000, 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 Zoom Nikkor Kodak Ektar 100 2015

  • The ponder seat

    I was reminded of this story from five years ago as I have been driving my old lawn tractor around the yard, picking up the fallen leaves. The tractor looks a little more beat up now, and comically its hood hinges both broke and are being held in place by two Vise Grips, but it…