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  • Comparing and contrasting grief

    I reflect on how I experienced grief with several losses over the last 10 years.

  • single frame: Happy face in the rear view

    A happy dog, road tripping with me.

  • single frame: Tired road-trip companion


  • Gracie Canon Canonet QL 17 G-III Fujifilm Fujicolor 200 2009 It was on Thanksgiving three years ago that I lost Gracie. She was very old, at least 17, and had been in declining health for a few years. She was a difficult dog, but we were deeply bonded. I grieved her passing for a long…

  • Eulogy for Buckethead

    Down the Road is on hiatus, returning Monday, 26 September. I’m rerunning old posts in the meantime. This is the story of Sugar, a wonderful dog I had who died eight years ago. My stepson was over at a friend’s house twelve years ago, running around in the back yard, when the Rottweiler next door sailed over…

  • Favorite Photos Week: Shiny dog

    This is my favorite photo of my dear, departed Gracie. I had bathed her earlier in the day, leaving her fur good and fluffy. In black and white, her orange fur came out silvery. Shiny dog • Pentax ME • 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax • Kodak T-Max 400 • June, 2012

  • Sleepy old dog Kodak Z730 Zoom 2009

  • Good night, Gracie

    I didn’t want her. We already had two dogs and three cats, which I thought was more than enough pets. And I was concerned about bringing this stray dog into our home where our curious and active baby boy might accidentally provoke harm. But my wife’s boundless compassion for unwanted animals overruled better judgment. After…

  • Captured: Snow-covered dog

    I can’t believe Gracie is still with me. She’s at least 16 now! She’s stiff and slow, but as eager as ever to be anywhere I am. I had some Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 in my Pentax ME, and my 50mm f/2 SMC Pentax-M lens was attached. I had a few shots left on the…

  • Captured: Travel buddies

    When I surveyed the Michigan Road in 2008, my dogs were my constant companions. I’d fold the back seat down in my little red wagon and pop the hatch for them. They always eagerly jumped in – they wanted to go wherever I was going. The point of the trip was to photograph the sights…

  • Captured: Letting my sleeping dog lie

    This is Gracie, about whom I’ve written before. She was fully grown when she came into my life as a stray 13 years ago, and now I wonder how much longer she’ll be with me. She sleeps a lot these days, hard and deep. Her hearing is going – she can’t hear my voice anymore, so…