Tag: Google

  • Google giveth and Google taketh away

    I think I hurt search’s ability to find my blog when I retagged key posts last year. D’oh!

  • Lamenting Google Reader

    When I opened Google Reader Wednesday night and saw a pop-up message announcing that Google would retire the service on July 1, I actually gasped and felt dizzy. Reader is Google’s feed-reading service, which is a way of following blogs and other Web sites. Most sites offer a feed in a format called RSS, which…

  • The world’s foremost Jim Grey

    I’ve had a small personal site on the Web since 1995. Those were the days when you wrote the HTML by hand in Notepad and then submitted the URL to Yahoo so others might find you. Yahoo ruled Internet search then, and I was the number one result when you searched on my name. The world has…

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