Tag: golf

  • Scenes from a defunct golf course

    It’s surprising how fast a golf course deteriorates when it gets minimal maintenance. That my home has a golf view is happenstance; my house came first by 20 years. But the course was built as a community with large homes much more expensive than mine. Imagine those homeowners’ shock early this year when they learned that the golf…

  • Landing in the water hazard

    My house isn’t much, just a little brick ranch, but I like it. The neighborhood is in slow decline, but it’s quiet. And all five times I’ve accidentally left my garage door up all day while I was at work, nobody robbed me blind. My house backs up to a golf course. Lest you think…

  • Hook shots

    I never found the golf ball that broke my kitchen window. It must have bounced into the back yard, its anonymity assured among all the other balls already on the ground. I live on a golf course. My backyard overlooks the 14th fairway. Please don’t think I’m living the high life in some swank golf…

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