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  • Would you believe this used to be a gas station?

    This building in Orleans, Indiana, was once a gas station.

  • Standard Oil Red Crown station in Lafayette, Indiana

    A circa 1927 gas station still stands, unused, in Lafayette, Indiana.

  • single frame: Food center


  • single frame: Shell


  • Sunrise over the Speedway station iPhone 5 2015 While waiting at a stoplight, I stuck my phone through my car’s sunroof to photograph this.

  • 1932 Standard station iPhone 5 2013 I’m planning our Spring Break vacation, so I’ve been thinking about past trips, like the one we took in 2013 along Route 66.  

  • Locally Grown Gardens

    I’ve photographed Locally Grown Gardens more times than I’ve been inside. I hereby make a pact with myself: from now on, I will step inside and buy something every time I photograph something here. I love how this year-round farm market is housed in a repurposed gas station. I’ve become fascinated lately with the history of…

  • Captured: Bob’s Century

    I was in a super bad mood the other day and decided to distract myself from it by looking back through some photographs from just after I got my first digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare Z730. I found some that had potential and brought some of them into Photoshop for some tweaking. The Z730 has a very…

  • Documenting the rapidly changing built environment

    Writing yesterday about the changes to my childhood neighborhood before I was born made me think about how much an intersection near my northwest Indianapolis home has changed in the 20 years I’ve lived near it. The area surrounding 56th Street and Georgetown Road is filled today with shopping centers, gas stations, and modern suburban…

  • Captured: Pops!!

    PopsCanon PowerShot S952013 Trip fatigue hit in Oklahoma. My sons felt it first. When we stopped for the night east of Tulsa on Wednesday, my youngest announced that he wouldn’t mind if we turned around for home in the morning. I felt for him, but we had one more day on the itinerary and (more…

  • Restored Phillips 66 service station on Route 66

    They call Spencer a ghost town, but I say that there would have to be more town here for it to qualify. This dot on the southwest Missouri map has but one row of buildings, capped by this restored Phillips 66 service station. It’s the last thing you expect to find as you turn onto…

  • Restored Standard service station on Route 66

    We were in the first hours of our Route 66 trip’s first day when we reached Odell, a small northern-Illinois town, and its wonderful Standard service station. You know how it is early on a road trip. The excitement is fresh, your eyes are wide open, and you want to stop and look at everything.…