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  • Remembering Fujifilm FP-100C

    Remembering Fujifilm FP-100C

    Wistfully remembering color pack film for Polaroid cameras.

  • single frame: Blind shadows

    Photo: Shadows from the new vertical blinds over my sliding-glass door.

  • Great fun with the Polaroid Colorpack II and Fujifilm FP-100C during Polaroid Week 2017

    A digest of photos I made with my Colorpack II on FP-100C during Polaroid Week 2017.

  • single frame: BlueIndy

    Photo: BlueIndy cars parked in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

  • Wash outPolaroid Colorpack IIFujifilm FP-100C2016 At last, election day. More than anything, I feel relief that the campaigns are ending. However it turns out, it won’t be a washout. Normally I’d tell you to get out there and cast your vote, even if it’s for the candidate I don’t like. Am I wrong somehow this…

  • Goodbye Fujifilm FP-100C

    The last instant pack film is dead. Fujifilm has discontinued FP-100C, a color film. I’m sure this is old news to some of you, as Fujifilm announced this at the end of February. Prices immediately jumped on remaining inventory. I bought three packs before prices shot into the stratosphere. I’ve shot Polaroid packfilm cameras off…

  • Spring flowers on Fujifilm FP-100C

    Spring is here! And so I put a pack of Fujifilm FP-100C into my Polaroid Colorpack II and went looking for bright spring flowers. I found some in my front yard and some, like these tulips, on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. These daffodils are always the first sign of spring in…

  • Polaroid Colorpack II

    I’ve been drawn to Polaroid photography since I was a kid in the 1970s. I get excited over holding a developed print in my hands a minute after pressing the shutter button. So I’ve tried any number of Polaroid cameras looking for the one that balances cost and ease of use with the best possible…

  • Shooting Fujifilm FP-100C

    Holy cow, is Fujifilm’s FP-100C nice stuff. I shot Polaroid’s Types 88 and 108 color pack films in the 1970s and 1980s and was never impressed with the color rendition. But just look at the red the FP-100C returned. It’s so bold that it almost reaches out from the print and smacks you across the…

  • Polaroid Automatic 250

    A review of the very good Polaroid Automatic 250. Very good except that batteries are expensive and the film isn’t made anymore.