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  • I hate what domestic terrorism has done to our country

    In 1993 on my first visit to DC I walked unannounced into the US Capitol. Thanks to domestic terrorism you can’t do that anymore. It’s a shame. Here are photos from my 1993 visit.

  • It happened at the Wall

    Germany was still divided in 1984. We could not know that in five years the Cold War would end, marked dramatically on our televisions by video of East Germans spilling over the Berlin Wall and through its checkpoints. We had all seen photos of it in our history books, of course, and maybe even in…

  • How a used Ford means freedom

    In my first post of the year I laid out my themes for 2013, one of which is freedom. Here’s one way I’m playing out that theme: I bought a 2006 Ford Focus. This car fosters freedom because I paid cash for it. (I do realize that having enough cash on hand to buy a car means…