Tag: Fountain Square

  • single frame: Copies & Fax

    An old-style hardware store in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

  • single frame: Radio Radio

    The Radio Radio sign in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

  • Bikes for rent Olympus Stylus Kodak Plus-X 2015

  • You are beautiful Olympus Stylus Kodak Plus-X 2015

  • The store for values Olympus Stylus Kodak Plus-X (expired, cold-stored) 2015

  • Not-so-easy shooting

    I felt like some easy black-and-white shooting, so I loaded a roll of Kodak Plus-X into my Olympus Stylus. It didn’t go so well. About halfway through the roll, the Stylus malfunctioned. When I pressed the button, the Stylus made a wheezy noise but wouldn’t fire the shutter. I’d close and reopen the camera and try again, and…

  • End of the line Olympus Stylus Kodak Plus-X (expired, cold-stored) 2015

  • Fountain Square at dusk

    Margaret and I spent a recent Saturday evening walking, talking, and taking photographs in Fountain Square, a hip neighborhood southeast of Downtown in Indianapolis. We dined and drank and enjoyed each others’ company. It was a great night. My favorite photos from the evening came at dusk, after the lights came on. I was shooting my Canon…

  • Goodbye Kodak BW400CN

    Kodak has announced that it has ended production of BW400CN, a black-and-white film. Film manufacturers keep shrinking their product lines because digital photography has all but collapsed demand. Only technophobes, certain pros, and hobbyists like me still shoot film. That’s enough to support some film production, but not on the scale of just five or ten years ago.…

  • Chromogenically characterized: Olympus OM-1 and Kodak BW400CN

    I’ve shot a lot of film since discovering during the summer that my nearby CVS still has a one-hour processing lab. They return processed negatives and a CD of scans for an astonishingly inexpensive $6! But I’ve been hankering to shoot black and white lately. Normal black-and-white film is processed differently from color film, and…