Tag: Ford

  • A good used car

    A story of buying a used car.

  • single frame: Ranch Wagon

    Ford Ranch Wagon badge.

  • Cars and coffee

    Photos from a cars-and-coffee event I attended recently.

  • The ultimate car for the man who hates to spend money

    A memory of my dad and the cheapest, crappiest car he ever bought.

  • Rusty Custom Nikon D50, 28.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-6.3 Tamron AF 2015 My Canon PowerShot S95’s battery died after the first shot of this old truck, so I borrowed my girlfriend’s camera to shoot it.

  • Ford in the driveway Yashica Lynx 14e, Kodak T-Max 400 2014

  • A visit to the National Auto and Truck Museum

    As long as I’ve been online — and that’s 25 years now — whenever a virtual community thrives, it eventually wants to meet in person. The community at Curbside Classic, the old-car blog for which I write, is no exception. I had to miss last year’s inaugural meetup, but I didn’t want to miss this year’s meetup…

  • When do you give up on your car?

    I’ve had a run of bad luck with my two little cars this year. The Ford Focus has seen my mechanic three times. In February, the power-steering pump failed. In March, a check-engine light led to replacing the thermostat and its housing. And then in April, the alternator died – in 65 mph Interstate traffic at 9:30…

  • Why do so many modern sedans look alike?

    A version of this post appeared at Curbside Classic a couple weeks ago. I contribute there from time to time. Its primary mission is to document the old cars still rolling on the road, but we consider all things automotive. Check it out here. Are the world’s automakers all smoking from the same pipe? Recently Chrysler…

  • 1966 Ford Custom 500

    I have always thought this was the coolest tail light ever. Maybe it’s because two were attached to the 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 my dad owned when I was a very small boy. I got to spend a lot of time contemplating them. The neighbor kids’ dads had their Fairlanes and Catalinas and Satellites and…

  • Cars of a Lifetime: 1975 Ford Pinto

    For three months in 1986 I drove a rusted, unreliable Ford Pinto. And I loved that car beyond all reason. The next of my post in Curbside Classic’s Cars of a Lifetime series is up, and it’s about my Pinto. You’ll read about all of its failings, including its stripped reverse gear and its rusted-out…