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  • Five (relatively) inexpensive films you should try

    When I want to shoot on the cheap, I reach for these bargain films.

  • single frame: Penn Park


  • Fomapan 100 in cinematic scale

    Thanks to my Nikkormat EL’s shutter capping, I cropped a bunch of photos from it to 16×9 and the results aren’t half bad.

  • Operation Thin the Herd: Nikon Nikkormat EL

    I put my Nikon Nikkormat EL through its paces again and found out that it didn’t work as well as the last time I used it. Keep or ditch? The verdict within.

  • single frame: The old barn in the city


  • Nikon Nikkormat EL

    Why didn’t Nikon just call its non-pro line of cameras Nikons from the start? As they eventually learned, everyday people would pay for the cachet of the Nikon name. Yet Nikon insisted on calling its lesser SLRs Nikkormats (or Nikomats in Japan) in the 1960s and much of the 1970s. Those Nikkormats became more and…

  • Another Argus A2B

    “Isn’t this roll of film done with yet?” I said aloud suddenly, to nobody. Oh good heavens, is it possible that I didn’t wind the film on right and it hasn’t been advancing? Because I certainly don’t want to shoot the whole roll over again. That’s when it hit me: I had not at all…

  • A barn in the city

    It stands among vinyl-village suburban subdivisions, this old barn. 25 years ago it was all farm fields out here. But cities inevitably grow outward and swallow up whatever they find along the way. Except this barn and a farmhouse that stands next to it. I’m not sure why; stubborn owner, perhaps. I can just imagine the…

  • Shooting Foma Fomapan 100

    I want cheap, decent film when I shoot casually or test an old camera. Fujicolor 200 fits the bill on the color side. It’s pretty good and I can get it for $2.50 a roll. On the black-and-white side my go-to, the wonderful Arista Premium 400, was discontinued and I recently used up my stock. Time…

  • Argus A2B

    A review of the Argus A2B, one of the first cameras made to use the 35mm film cartridge. There are more enjoyable early 35mm cameras.