Whitestown fireworks 2020

ISO 10,000
Canon PowerShot S95

Every July 3rd, Whitestown, Indiana, shoots fireworks from a large church a couple miles north of my house.

This year Margaret and I walked around the corner to see the show. I brought my Canon S95 along to see if I could get any decent photos of the show. I put the S95 in full automatic mode, lifted it over my head, and fired off a bunch of shots.

This is the best of them. The S95 chose ISO 10,000! If you pixel peep this image, it’s a mottled mess. It’s not too bad at this size.

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single frame: ISO 10,000

Fireworks from my trusty digital camera.


If you, like me, aren’t going to any fireworks displays this year because you think it will be impossible to keep enough distance from others, then please enjoy these fireworks I photographed several years ago! Click the arrows to cycle through the show.


Independence Day fireworks

A 4th of July fireworks display for you!