Tag: Film Photography

  • Kodak Brownie Starmatic Canon PowerShot S95 2010 This is a surprisingly capable little 127 camera.

  • Vacation camera audition: Nikon N2000 with 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor lens

    I think I was made to shoot 35mm SLRs. I am happiest using them, and consistently get my best results from them. So despite wishing for a pocketable compact camera for my upcoming trip to Ireland, I also decided to audition an SLR. My ideal SLR for this trip would be small and light — […]

  • Vacation camera audition: Olympus Stylus

    In deciding which film camera to take with me to Ireland, I’ve been auditioning some of the contenders in my collection. I’m taking the camera with me and pretending I’m on the trip, shooting the kinds of things I plan to shoot, to see how the camera feels and performs. First up: the Olympus Stylus. […]

  • What’s the best compact 35mm film camera to take on vacation?

    As I get ready to visit Ireland with Margaret later this year, I’ve been trying to decide which film camera to take with me. I’d love to shoot nothing but film over there, but ay yi yi the cost of processing the film when I get back! So I’ll pack my digital Canon PowerShot S95. […]

  • Kodak Six-20, revisited

    I was so impressed with this Kodak Six-20 when I bought it seven or eight years ago. I was limiting my collection to folders and rangefinders then, and this mint-condition folding Kodak with Art Deco details was so lovely I just had to own it. I’ve always displayed this camera. I have little display space, […]

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