Trusting my vaccination

I hardly know whether to bother wearing a mask anymore. The places I go, no less than half of people aren’t wearing theirs. Last time I went grocery shopping, my estimate is that four out of five bared their faces.

I know that the point of wearing the mask is for me not to spread COVID if I happen to be carrying it. But if most people aren’t wearing masks, it makes the whole thing seem ineffective. Masking works best when we all cooperate and do it.

Beers with some co-workers

I had a surprisingly severe cold in October. It drove me to take a couple days off work to rest, but to be fair I have also been suffering from very real exhaustion thanks to extreme work stress. My symptoms were more consistent with a cold than with COVID. But on the chance it was COVID, I didn’t go into places unless it was critically necessary, and when I did, I masked up and didn’t linger.

Otherwise, I’m going out and doing things that I want to do. In places where masks are required, I mask. In places where they’re optional, I mask only if most other people are masking.

I still work from home most days. It’s no longer about COVID, but about not commuting. I suppose that if more people were in the office every day I might go in more often to enjoy the office buzz. On a normal day in the office I encounter three or four people. I still spend most of my day on Zoom; I just do it from a different place. I don’t see the point in spending so much time in the car just for that.

The major upside of this pandemic is that my car is going to last a good long time – I hardly use it!


Fully masked

I found my stash of face masks in the garage. I was surprised to find that they are N95 masks. Healthcare workers need those way more than we do. A family friend is a nurse and she wants them, so I’ll send them to her today.

I figured I wouldn’t be able to buy any sort of face mask on Amazon, but I checked anyway. I was mostly right: some blue surgical masks are available, but wouldn’t ship until mid-late May. I searched for instructions to make my own mask, but they all involve sewing. Not my forte.

Then I saw on Ann Althouse’s blog this video for making a mask out of a handkerchief and two hair ties, no sewing.

I ordered some cotton handkerchiefs from Amazon and borrowed two hair ties from my daughter. My head is way bigger than the person’s in the video, so I had to fold mine a lot wider than she did. But it worked, even if it does look dorky on me. Safe >> dorky.

I’ll wear mine whenever I need to go out into crowds, such as the store, for as long as this lasts. I have six handkerchiefs, which ought to last me through the week fine. Each time I need to wear one I’ll put it in the laundry when I’m done.

By the way, if you like my T-shirt, you can get one from United State of Indiana here. Proceeds go to two Indiana charities.

I was reading Fred Wilson’s blog the other day in which he pointed out that lots of Etsy sellers are making and selling face masks. I went there and searched for “face mask” and glory be, there were plenty of options.