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  • Laying down the law on bulk e-mail

    I get too damn much email I didn’t ask for.

  • Laying down the law on bulk e-mail

    Have you ever signed up for something online and then started getting e-mails from that company – special offers, newsletters, and the like? That’s bulk e-mail. The software company I work for offers its customers a bulk e-mail service, and so we send lots of promotional e-mails to our customers’ customers. I’m usually reluctant to admit that because…

  • Aging Netizen

    It occurred to me today that I’ve been using e-mail for almost a quarter century. That’s more than half my life. I first e-mailed at Rose-Hulman in 1985 on a VAX, using a VT100 terminal. My first e-mail was probably a request to an operator (what we now call a system administrator), but soon my…