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The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum

I grew up in museums, thanks to my dad’s best friend running the art museum at Notre Dame. I’ve been to endless openings and I’ve walked through myriad exhibits. I know museums. They don’t intimidate me.

So I was unprepared to be stunned and overwhelmed by the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum. The dizzying array of cars and the impeccable building, a time capsule of the 1920s and 1930s, quickly sent me into visual overload.

Showroom floor

This post will be short on words and long on photos. Here’s a 1923 Duesenberg.

1923 Duesenberg

Here’s a gorgeous 1931 Duesenberg.

1931 Duesenberg

And here’s a 1936 Auburn.

1936 Auburn 852

I love the interesting details on this 1934 Auburn, such as the horizontal curved vents on the sides of the snout.

1934 Auburn

Its grille is interesting, too.

1934 Auburn

This is an 810 Cord prototype from about 1936.

Cord prototype

Here’s an 1936 Auburn hearse. Just check out that long, long wheelbase!

1936 Auburn hearse

The lighting upstairs was more difficult for photography. Here’s a 1930 Cord.

1930 Cord

When faced with so many cars to see and photograph, I usually take a methodical approach. But I was so bowled over by this museum that I mostly stumbled around, photographing what I noticed. I’m not sure I saw everything! And I can see I missed some shots I would have liked to take had my wits been fully about me.


The great thing, though, is that this museum is only about two hours from home. I can go again another day — and be fully prepared for the experience.