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  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles

    It had been too long, Sherrel and I agreed, since our last stop on the Indiana Fried Chicken Tour. Buying and moving into a new home had consumed his time for weeks. By the time he had settled in, I had turned in my notice at the company where we both worked. We knew we […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Hollyhock Hill

    Hollyhock Hill is in a class of Indiana restaurants that reminds of times gone by. We’ve visited two other such places on the Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Kopper Kettle and The Iron Skillet. Traditional, genteel, and quaint, these places feel like stepping into a country homestead in how we all imagine 1928 must have been (which, incidentally, is the […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Wagner’s Village Inn

    This is where it all began. Well, actually it began in my office at work. Sherrel visits a lot. (He’s a programmer; he can always say his code’s compiling.) We always end up talking about food, and one day he said, “I had the most unusually delicious fried chicken of my life over the weekend.” He […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Marble’s Southern Cookery

    The sixth stop on our chicken quest again kept Sherrel and I close to my northwest Indianapolis home as we visited Marble’s Southern Cookery at 2310 Lafayette Road. Marble’s is open only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so plan your visit accordingly. We arrived at around 1 pm on a Sunday and found the place moderately busy, […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: MCL Restaurant and Bakery

    Were I a wagering man, I’d bet that MCL Restaurant and Bakery has had fried chicken on their extensive menu every day since their first location opened in 1950. Given that and the fact you can’t swing a dead cat in Indianapolis without hitting an MCL, it seemed fait accompli that Sherrel and I would […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: The Iron Skillet

    Sherrel and I have grand plans to travel the state on our fried-chicken quest. But traveling Indiana’s highways can be risky in January and February, when winter is worst here. Until the weather warms up we’re staying close to home. This time we stayed very close to home, straying about three miles from my northwest […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Kopper Kettle

    Sherrel and I finally ventured outside Indianapolis on our burgeoning tour of Indiana’s fried chicken restaurants. This was no small feat. We’re both busy with work and family, and so we had to plan this outing weeks in advance. We didn’t stray far from home, however – just 20 miles or so southeast to Morristown and its […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Kountry Kitchen

    My buddy Sherrel and I had planned for several days on going to lunch together. I figured we’d just hit someplace close to work, but when the day came he announced that he wanted to visit another Indianapolis fried-chicken joint. The Kountry Kitchen is a soul-food restaurant on Indianapolis’s Near Northside, at 1831 North College […]

  • The Indiana Fried Chicken Tour: Mississippi Belle

    Sherrel is a buddy of mine at work. He’s also a foodie. It seems like every time he comes by for a chat we end up talking about cooking and food. He drags me out for lunch every other week or so, and he always either wants to try a restaurant he’s heard about or […]

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