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  • The Roofless Church

    Under the open-air roof of the Roofless Church in New Harmony, Indiana. A photoessay.

  • Why do so many modern sedans look alike?

    A version of this post appeared at Curbside Classic a couple weeks ago. I contribute there from time to time. Its primary mission is to document the old cars still rolling on the road, but we consider all things automotive. Check it out here. Are the world’s automakers all smoking from the same pipe? Recently Chrysler…

  • I hate automatic bathroom fixtures

    This showed up in the men’s room at work recently, and I rejoiced aloud. Yes, it’s a soap dispenser pump. It replaced an automatic dispenser. the kind that squirts soap into your palm when you stick your hand under it. The concept is fine. Futuristic, even. Very House of Tomorrow. Except that it was overactive.…

  • Much ado about Flickr

    I was shocked when I logged into Flickr last week and found an entirely new interface. My shock turned to disappointment and sadness that some of my contacts were super angry about the change, left strongly worded comments on their photostreams, and immediately moved their photos to other services. I make software products for a living;…

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