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Cars of a Lifetime: 1983 Renault Alliance MT

The third in my Cars of a Lifetime series over at Curbside Classic posted this morning. It is about my dad’s 1983 Renault Alliance. He had the top-line MT edition, with every option. It was a small, slow, but comfy little car.

Once again I’ve plagarized myself, borrowing very heavily from this post from early 2010.

Click here to read my story on Curbside Classic.

Stories Told

Cars of a Lifetime: 1978 Chevrolet Van


The second of my Cars of a Lifetime posts went up over on Curbside Classic this morning, about a 1978 Chevy van my dad bought when he went into the cabinetmaking business. It was the first vehicle I ever drove.

Read my story here.

Longtime readers of this blog might recognize it as a slightly updated version of this post here on Down the Road from early 2010. I decided to recycle some perfectly useful words! How green of me.

Stories Told

Cars of a Lifetime: 1974 AMC Matador Oleg Cassini

One of my favorite blogs is Curbside Classic. If you visit the site, it looks like it’s just about old cars. But it’s really about the stories behind old cars. From the site’s Welcome page:

You’ve just joined the endless automotive treasure hunt. We prowl the streets to find and document any interesting car regardless of whether it’s a genuine classic or a tired beater. Our motto is “Every car has a story”, and we’re going to coax one out of each of them: a unique place in automotive history, a treasured family heirloom, a childhood memory, a wild youthful drive or tragic breakdown, memories of automotive love or disdain.

I was invited to contribute to Curbside Classic’s ongoing series, Cars of a Lifetime, which tells the stories behind all of the cars that passed through the authors’ lives. I’m so thrilled to contribute!

My first post went up today, about my father’s 1974 AMC Matador Oleg Cassini, which he owned from 1976 to 1980. Of all of the cars he owned, my family still counts it as our favorite – despite its propensity to rust.

Click here to read the story! I’ll post here every Saturday as the stories go up, until I’m all out of stories.