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16 Indiana county courthouses

Clay County Courthouse
Brazil, Clay County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Vigo County Courthouse
Terre Haute, Vigo County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Parke County Courthouse
Rockville, Parke County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Wayne County Courthouse
Richmond, Wayne County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Johnson County Courthouse
Franklin, Johnson County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Decatur County Courthouse
Greensburg, Decatur County; Kodak EasyShare Z730
Jefferson County Courthouse
Madison, Jefferson County; Canon PowerShot S80
Fulton County Courthouse
Rochester, Fulton County; Canon PowerShot S80
St. Joseph County Courthouse
South Bend, St. Joseph County; Canon PowerShot S80
Jackson County Courthouse
Brownstown, Jackson County; Canon PowerShot S80
Lawrence County Courthouse
Bedford, Lawrence County; Canon PowerShot S80
Fountain County Courthouse
Covington, Fountain County; Canon PowerShot S95
Courthouse at Paoli
Paoli, Orange County; Pentax ME, Pentax-M 28mm f/2.8, Kodak Ektar 100
Hancock County Courthouse
Greenfield, Hancock County; Canon PowerShot S95
Martinsville, Morgan County; Pentax K10D, smc PENTAX-FA 28-80mm F3.5-4.7
Boone County Courthouse
Lebanon, Boone County; Nikon N70, 28-80/3.5-5.6D AF Nikkor, Kodak Max 400

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The Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse
Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A
Film Washi S

I’m at best a beginning student in photography appreciation, with limited ability to describe the qualities of a good photograph. For that matter, I’m not even sure I can judge a photograph to be good, not on some universal scale. I just like what I like.

I like this photograph. The 35mm lens brings in tons of interesting context surrounding this neoclassical federal courthouse. The glowing sunlight cast against the building’s facade contrasts pleasingly against its shadowy flank.

It’s said that Film Washi S performs best in diffuse light. For a day of black-and-white photography in full sun, I should have been better served shooting something like T-Max 100 or FP4 Plus. But I would have missed out on the chiaroscuro effect, though unintended, obtained in shooting this film in non-ideal light.

Analogue Wonderland provided me this roll of Film Washi S in exchange for this mention. Buy yours from them here.

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Film Photography

single frame: The Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse


Down the alley 1

Boone County Courthouse down an alleyway
Olympus XA
Ilford HP4 Plus

I’ve been out of the photographic mood much more than I’ve been in it lately. Life’s been busy, stress has been high. Yet I know that a good photowalk can cure what ails me.

When Analogue Wonderland (who is sponsoring this post) sent me some films to try it was the boost I needed. They included some Ilford HP4 Plus, a film I’ve long wanted to try. So I spooled it into my little Olympus XA and carried it around with me for a couple weeks.

I had to run an errand up in Lebanon, the seat of Boone County, Indiana, one day after work. Errand done, I parked on the square and walked around hoping interesting compositions would jump out in front of me.

When I walk with a camera, I go places I wouldn’t otherwise, such as down this alleyway on the square. The contrast between the dark alley and the lit courthouse caught my attention. It looks even better on FP4 Plus than it did in real life. I enjoy the tonal range and detail, but I love how the alley’s pavement, damp after a rainshower, looks like silk.

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Film Photography

single frame: Boone County Courthouse down an alleyway



On the square in Crown Point

Margaret and I met her sister and her sister’s husband for lunch one Saturday at a place that’s about halfway between our homes: Crown Point, a town in northwest Indiana. None of us had ever been. It surprised us how nice it was and how much there was to do on the town square.

Memo to cities and towns everywhere: You may think planting trees throughout your downtown makes everything look nicer, but it blocks the view of your historic buildings. So cut it out. This the Lake County Courthouse, completed in 1878.

Lake County Courthouse
Lake County Courthouse

These life-size figurines were inexplicably on the lawn.

Figurines on the lawn

The courthouse isn’t used as a courthouse anymore; those functions have moved to a new complex a couple miles north. Today the old courthouse is filled with shops. We toured the basement shops — apparently this used to be the jail.

Lake County Courthouse catacombs
Lake County Courthouse catacombs
Lake County Courthouse catacombs

We had lunch at a pub a couple blocks north of the square and then hit the antique shops around the square. Every storefront had some sort of business in it. That’s not always the case in other Indiana towns with squares like this one. In Indiana, most small towns have struggled for years.

Crown Point square
Crown Point square

I have to think a key to Crown Point’s success is that it’s in a county adjacent to Illinois and is part of the Chicago area. Plenty of people live in the Indiana side of “the Region” and commute to Chicago to work.

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Exploring the Boone County Courthouse

Exploring the Boone County Courthouse
Nikon N90s, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor
Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 (at EI 200)

Early Ford Explorers are mighty rare now thanks to Cash for Clunkers almost a decade ago. And this is a very early one, wearing its first “face” (headlights and grille). It’s from the early 1990s. It’s hard to believe that’s 25 or more years ago now.

Margaret and I had just taken a photo walk in Lebanon, the seat of justice in Boone County, Indiana, and had stopped on the square for a pint of stout at the local brewery. We sat in the window and had a good view of the courthouse.

Film Photography, Preservation

single frame: Exploring the Boone County Courthouse


Due North

Due North
iPhone 6S

I had reason to be in the Boone County Courthouse recently. (See an exterior photo in this post.) As Indiana courthouses go, it’s a relatively new one, completed in 1911.

At the center of its main floor tiles were arranged with an arrow pointing north. I always wonder how accurate such markers are. Given the courthouse’s placement on the city’s downtown street grid, this arrow points in a northerly direction, at least.

Photography, Preservation

single frame: Due North