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  • Waiting on Shore

    In the bay at Rosses Point, Ireland, is this statue of a woman stretching her arms out toward the sea. Called Waiting on Shore, it was installed in 2002 to honor the women who used to wait for their men to return from their work at sea. Sometimes, those men didn’t make it home.

  • Henry Lyons & Co., Ltd. Canon PowerShot S95 2016 Lyon’s is a department store in Sligo Town, County Sligo, Ireland.

  • In the bay at Rosses Point Canon PowerShot S95 2016

  • Rosses Point Beach in black and white

    Why is it that beaches look so good in black and white? I never would have guessed until I saw J. R. Smith’s photostream on Flickr. He lives on the northern California coast and photographs the beach in black and white all the time. This beach isn’t in California — it’s in northwest Ireland. on…

  • Touring the medieval abbey in Sligo

    We found Sligo Abbey to be fascinating, but challenging to photograph. A ruin dating to the 13th century in the northwest Irish city of Sligo, it was full of interesting scenes and details. We could frame any of them with little trouble. But it was hard to create a sense of the whole in our lenses. You can’t…