Construction at North and Maple
Nikon N90s, 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G AF Nikkor
Agfa CT Precisa 100 (x-1/2006, cross processed)

An apartment building is being built where the parking lot for my company’s office used to be. I never thought I’d say this about a parking lot, but I sure miss it. They built a parking garage for us, but I’m not a fan. I park on the street instead.

When I first worked for this company, this part of Fishers was all little houses, mostly used as small-business offices. Our office building, at two stories, was by far the tallest building for a mile. Now the houses are all gone, replaced with office, apartment, and retail buildings in various states of completion.

It’s been fascinating to watch this building go up day by day. I was looking through my photographs and I see that I have a pretty good record of this building’s progress, from parking lot to now. I’m going to need to see this accidental project through, and keep photographing it until it’s done.

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Film Photography

single frame: Construction at North and Maple


Through the Construction

Through the construction
Konica C35 Automatic
Fujicolor 200

Fishers, Indiana, is under construction.

Its downtown is, anyway. Ten years ago there were a few old commercial buildings by the railroad track and a bunch of low houses. Today the houses are all gone, and modern urban density is going in.

Soon this photograph won’t be possible; a building will be in the way.

Film Photography

single frame: Through the construction

A view that soon won’t exist anymore, as soon as the building they’re building here is built.


Under Construction
Pentax KM, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax
Ferrania P30 Alpha

Downtown Fishers, Indiana, is under construction.

This was once a sleepy little downtown of a few older buildings alongside a railroad track. Fishers started out as just a place to stop along the Nickel Plate Railroad. Now its burgeoning downtown is called the Nickel Plate District. It’s modern urban density, except that it’s in one of Indianapolis’s most popular suburbs.

I rather miss the little houses that used to dot Fishers’s narrow streets.

Film Photography

single frame: Under construction


Wash Out

Wash out
Polaroid Colorpack II
Fujifilm FP-100C

At last, election day. More than anything, I feel relief that the campaigns are ending. However it turns out, it won’t be a washout.

Normally I’d tell you to get out there and cast your vote, even if it’s for the candidate I don’t like. Am I wrong somehow this year not to want to say that, to ask you to just stay home if you’re not voting for my candidate? Because the other choice is too frightening to contemplate?

What’s even sadder is how, given that I’m not revealing my choice, you can read that last sentence to apply to whichever candidate you like.

Film Photography
History, Preservation

Moving the 153-year-old Flanagan/Kincaid House

The 1861 Flanagan/Kincaid House has crept its way one-half mile to its new foundation on the grounds of Navient, a student loan processing firm in Fishers.

The house made its journey on October 4. I was in Auburn looking at old cars that day, so I didn’t see this house hoisted and rolled away. These photos come from Indiana Landmarks. But what a feat! With brick walls of more than a foot thick, this old girl weighs many, many tons. Every inch of the move stressed the structure — bending, twisting, compressing.

Indiana Landmarks photo

Yet in every improbable photo, the house looks as proud and upright as ever.

Indiana Landmarks photo

Under threatening weather, the house made it to its destination on the Navient grounds. I couldn’t find a photo showing its placement on its new foundation — how do you line it up just right? Does a giant nudging machine to inch it into place?

Indiana Landmarks photo

I spotted the house the other day as I whizzed by on I-69. My son drove, so I got as long of a look as I could at 65 MPH.  It borders and faces the Interstate, but a row of trees partially obscures the home. A pity, because its bricks would glow proudly if the setting sun could light its face.

Follow this house’s story: part 1, part 2, part 3.

History, Preservation

Saved? The 1861 Flanagan/Kincaid House

Old house, Hamilton County

I’ve been following the efforts to save the Flanagan/Kincaid House, built in 1861 in what is now Fishers, Indiana. I had been curious about this house for years, as I drove by it frequently after dropping my sons off at their mom’s in Fishers. But then the house made news when the land developer that came to own it wanted to demolish it for new development.


Preservationists swung into action, aiming to move the house to a new location. They secured a site a half-mile away on the grounds of Navient, a student-loan management firm. They secured seed funding and kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining funds.


It’ll cost at least $115,000 to move this house. Crowdfunding hasn’t been very successful, but The Indianapolis Star reports that the move is scheduled for tomorrow, so perhaps angel donors have quietly come to the rescue.

Navient occupies a large parcel that borders I-69 between 106th and 116th Streets. The house will border and face I-69, which will give it great visibility from the highway. But it will be off any of the paved roads in the Navient complex, which will make it hard to reach. So it appears to be saved, but not in a way that is obviously useful.

I’ll keep following this move and report as the story unfolds!