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  • Cologne: Hohenzollern Bridge

    Cologne: Hohenzollern Bridge

    A close look at a beautiful truss bridge that carries trains and pedestrians across the Rhine River in Cologne.

  • Sunset in Cologne

    Sunset in Cologne

    The sunset cruise we booked never materialized, but we had a great sunset experience in Cologne anyway.

  • Returning to Germany

    Returning to Germany

    Memories of Berlin, some of them unpleasant, as I prepare to return to Germany for the first time since 1984.

  • Keystone XR308

    A retro review: the frankly lousy Keystone XR308 110 camera, with pictures I made with mine from 1984-1986.

  • Captured: Kölner Dom

    I spent the summer of 1984 in Germany on an exchange program with other Indiana high-school students. We spent a lot of our time in intensive language instruction, but we also traveled the country. One of our trips was to Cologne, where we toured the great Cologne Cathedral. The locals call it der Kölner Dom. The cathedral…