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  • The evolution of the Eastern Star Church

    A church was built across from my subdivision. I see it every day. But looking back through photographs I’ve taken of it, I see that the view depends on so much.

  • Photo: Church bus.

  • Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens

    Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens.

  • Photo: Curved pews at West Park Christian Church

  • Photo: Communion table at my church.

  • (Book preview) The Pentax ME: In praise of an overlooked 35mm SLR

    A preview from my forthcoming book about the often-overlooked Pentax ME, a fine 35mm SLR.

  • The chapel at Kylemore Abbey

    Margaret Henry’s unexpected death in 1875 threw her husband, Mitchell, into despair. He found it difficult to spend time at their sprawling Irish estate at Kylemore. Indeed, he seldom returned, spending most of his time in England. Nevertheless, he built this chapel on the grounds as her final resting place. Built in the style of…

  • Exploring the church and cemetery at Drumcliffe

    We drove to Drumcliffe twice that day, first on a misty morning, but then again after dinner after the clouds dissipated and the sun shone. Drumcliffe is a village in County Sligo in northwest Ireland. It has roots to the sixth century, when St. Colmcille founded a monastery here. A church and cemetery stand near…

  • Touring the medieval abbey in Sligo

    We found Sligo Abbey to be fascinating, but challenging to photograph. A ruin dating to the 13th century in the northwest Irish city of Sligo, it was full of interesting scenes and details. We could frame any of them with little trouble. But it was hard to create a sense of the whole in our lenses. You can’t…

  • A terraced cemetery in Ardara

    Margaret and I loosely followed the Irish coast as we worked our way south from Ireland’s northern tip. This frequently put us on the Wild Atlantic Way, a byway of sorts that traces the entire western Irish coast. When we figured out what it was, we decided to follow it wherever we could. This led us…

  • On vacation, two heads are better than one

    We passed through charming Letterkenny on our first full day in Ireland, as we drove from Galway to Burt. We were tired from driving all day and so pressed on, but decided to stop and explore in a couple days when we made our way back south. You can do that when you have a…

  • Second Presbyterian Minolta Hi-Matic 7 Fujicolor 200 2011 Looking through old photos I came upon the last shots I made with my wonderful Minolta Hi-Matic 7. What a problem: to have so many cameras you can’t possibly shoot all the good ones enough. And seeing this photo reminds me that I haven’t been over to…