Tag: Chicago

  • The Palmer House

    My sons and I have taken many road trips and stayed in plenty of inexpensive motels. But when my older son and I made our recent Chicago trip, I wanted it to be a real experience. Instead of driving, we took the train. And instead of sleeping on the cheap, we stayed in one of…

  • Chicago from the heights

    When my older son turned 13 earlier this year, I knew I wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday in extra special fashion. We started making plans to have a weekend together in Chicago. We would take the train to town, see the Museum of Science and Industry, and stay in a grand old hotel in…

  • Vintage TV: Speed Racer

    My parents splurged (at $2.95 a month) on cable in 1972 so Dad could watch his beloved White Sox on Channel 44 from Chicago. This opened up a whole new world of TV entertainment for my brother and I. Ray Rayner on Channel 9 got us off to school every day (“Ten minutes to eight, don’t…

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