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  • Captured: Me, Van, July, 1982

    Here I am, a month away from turning 15, leaning on Dads’s big old Chevy van (read its story here) which is parked in my parents’ driveway. Oh man, does this photo stir up a lot inside me. First, I’m about the same age here as my youngest son, about whom I wrote on Wednesday. Second, […]

  • Why do so many modern sedans look alike?

    A version of this post appeared at Curbside Classic a couple weeks ago. I contribute there from time to time. Its primary mission is to document the old cars still rolling on the road, but we consider all things automotive. Check it out here. Are the world’s automakers all smoking from the same pipe? Recently Chrysler […]

  • Captured: 64 Chevy tail

    Even though I thought my dad’s ’66 Ford was cool when I was a youngster, even then I had to admit that Chevrolet styling was superior across the board. The triple tail lights on Impalas were always inspired designs. I especially liked the kidney-shaped lights set into the bumper on the ’68s, but my next […]

  • Cars of a Lifetime: 1989 Chevrolet Beretta

    I called it The Dentmobile because no matter how hard I tried to keep it in nice condition, it seemed to attract accidents. My next post in the Cars of a Lifetime series is up over on Curbside Classic. It was my one and only new car, and the one I kept the longest – eight […]

  • Cars of a Lifetime: 1978 Chevrolet Van

    The second of my Cars of a Lifetime posts went up over on Curbside Classic this morning, about a 1978 Chevy van my dad bought when he went into the cabinetmaking business. It was the first vehicle I ever drove. Read my story here. Longtime readers of this blog might recognize it as a slightly […]

  • Vintage TV: Dinah Shore for the 1959 Chevrolet

    So I have a YouTube channel. There’s not much there – a few DashboardCam™ videos from my road trips and several vintage TV clips I, um, appropriated from around the Internet. By far the most popular video on my channel, with more than 80,000 views, is this commercial for the 1959 Chevrolet starring singer Dinah Shore. […]

  • Vintage TV: Bewitched

    It’s easy to like Bewitched. The show’s great appeal was driven by its star, Elizabeth Montgomery, and bolstered by its excellent cast of quirky supporting characters. But you knew that already. The show has endured in reruns for 46 years; unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve seen it. (If you’ve just come out from […]

  • Beretta subculture

    I write about my faith, my personal growth, and my roadgeekery hoping that my posts will resonate with you and that you will leave comments that share your experiences. Last July I wrote a post called “What’s the use?” about enjoying what God has given us. I told the story of my first brand new […]

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