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  • Revisiting the Canon PowerShot S80

    Looking back at my first decent digital camera, the Canon PowerShot S80.

  • single frame: f/6.3


  • Hibbs Ford Bridge Canon PowerShot S80 2010 Built 1906, restored 2006.

  • Favorite Photos Week: View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana

    US 50 winds gently through Martin County, Indiana, exiting the Hoosier National Forest and Martin State Forest just before it reaches the little town of Shoals, on the east fork of the White River. This is hilly country, unglaciated, unlike most of flatland Indiana to the north. A little pulloff west of Shoals reveals this…

  • Favorite Photos Week: The Bean in the fog

    What a beautiful spring weekend my son and I had been spending in Chicago — sunny but not too warm. We did all the touristy stuff, from visiting the museums to looking at the city from the top of the John Hancock building to eating deep-dish pizza and drinking Old Style beer. (My son skipped the beer,…

  • Fog on the Ohio River Canon PowerShot S80 2009

  • Argus A-Four Canon PowerShot S80 2010 This simple camera has a surprisingly good lens. I want to shoot it again soon. My review of it here.

  • Lanier Mansion, Madison, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 2009

  • View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010

  • Roadside phlox Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010

  • Fort Vallonia Garrison HouseCanon PowerShot S80 (review)2010

  • Ready to strike (downtown South Bend) Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010