Tag: cabins

  • Couch Nikon N2000, 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 Zoom Nikkor Kodak Ektar 100 2015

  • John’s Modern Cabins on Route 66

    As long as there have been cars, anyone driving a long distance has needed a place to bed down for the night. In the early days of auto travel, they camped, at first in friendly farmers’ fields and later on rented roadside campgrounds. Next, primitive cabins were built as a place for travelers to sleep,…

  • I stopped at McDonald’s on my trip down Ohio’s National Road

    As we drive around on America’s highways today we encounter the usual fast-food franchises over and over again. McDonald’s is everywhere! In the early 20th century, a McDonald’s sprouted up at the corner of US 40 and US 127, about 10 miles east of the Indiana state line. This was long before the first McDonald’s…

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