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  • Zooming in on the Lacy Building

    My second-favorite facade on Indy’s Monument Circle is the Lacy Building. (My favorite is the art-deco Circle Tower.) Even though it says LACY prominently over the arch, a lot of sources call this the Test Building. It was named for, and built by the heirs of, Charles Edward Test, who had led the National Motor Vehicle…

  • The McOuat building

    An old building in Downtown Indianapolis, before and after restoration.

  • Circle Tower Canon PowerShot S95 2015

  • Buildings on the Circle Canon PowerShot S95 2015

  • Only the State and the Palace remain

    When I was a small boy, South Bend’s five downtown movie theaters clung precariously to solvency: the Palace, the State, the Granada, the Colfax, and the Avon. Times were difficult for them then, as the 1960s crossfaded into the 1970s, because more and more people were charmed by recently built suburban shopping-center theaters for their convenience…