Tag: Broad Ripple

  • As society changes there’s always someone there to make a buck off it

    Thinking about the greater density actively coming to Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

  • Great fun with the Polaroid Colorpack II and Fujifilm FP-100C during Polaroid Week 2017

    A digest of photos I made with my Colorpack II on FP-100C during Polaroid Week 2017.

  • single frame: BlueIndy

    Photo: BlueIndy cars parked in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

  • Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens

    Shooting the 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax lens.

  • The Bungalow, Inc. Kodak VR35 K40 Fujicolor 200 (I think) 2011 Of late I’ve been either busy, or ill, or busy and ill. It’s left little energy for photography. So to feed the blog I’ve been trawling through my photo archive for ones that please me. My mom bought me my first Kodak VR35 K40…

  • Do you have any photographic haunts?

    Where do you go for everyday shooting? Do you have some favorite places, places that seldom let you down? The sprawling grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art used to be that place for me. It’s a few minutes’ drive from my home and offers a wonderful variety of subjects: nature, architecture, sculpture, landscape. I…

  • Monon bridge Pentax ME, 55mm f/1.8 SMC Pentax, Kodak T-Max 400 2012

  • Life at 135mm

    I had planned to spend 2014 shooting almost nothing but my Pentax ME. In preparation, I had been quietly buying K-mount lenses in various focal lengths, including one at 135mm. I’d made only a few photographs with a prime telephoto lens before, just fiddling around. I decided it was time to get serious. But then a Nikon F2AS walked…

  • Brown Rolls, brown brick Kodak VR35 K40 (review), Fujicolor 200 2011

  • Locally Grown Gardens

    I’ve photographed Locally Grown Gardens more times than I’ve been inside. I hereby make a pact with myself: from now on, I will step inside and buy something every time I photograph something here. I love how this year-round farm market is housed in a repurposed gas station. I’ve become fascinated lately with the history of…

  • SoBro homes

    I would love to live in the city again. Actually, I live in the city now, as my home is well within the city limits. But it’s not real city, as I live in a suburban-style subdivision. I miss living on a grid of streets with sidewalks, and being able to walk to the store. I had some expired…

  • More from the Yashica-D

    I love my Yashica-D. It is a genuine pleasure to shoot. Which surprises me, because it has no built-in light meter. Using an external meter isn’t hard, but I vastly prefer having one built in so I can assess exposure right in the viewfinder. So much so, that a dozen other meterless cameras with sweet…