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  • 56


    Reflections on my 56th birthday, which is tomorrow.

  • 55

    A reflection on my 55th birthday.

  • 54

    Reflections on personal congruence on my 54th birthday.

  • 53

    Happy 53rd birthday to me.

  • 52

    I’m realizing that except for fading looks I rather like getting older.

  • 51

    Who knew we’d carry so much when we’re in our 50s? And that it would make us look and feel older?

  • Half century

    Who knew life at 50 could have so much going on? And some of it isn’t exactly pleasant. But one advantage of this age is the resilience to handle it.

  • 49

    My hair is thinning on top. I wondered if this would ever happen. It started happening to my dad when he was in his late 30s, and he tells me his dad went bald in his 20s. Now it’s my turn. I’m glad I’m tall, or everybody’d be able to see through to my scalp.…

  • 48

    I turn 48 today. I’ve known many people who wring their hands over the birthdays that end in zero. They’re milestones of getting old, after all. But none of them have bothered me so far — certainly not 20, but also not 30, not 40. Some odd birthdays have troubled me unexpectedly. 33 was tough. I…

  • 47

    I turned 47 yesterday. I’ve loved my 40s. They’ve been the happiest years of my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. That’s not to say I’m a happy person. My natural happiness set point is on the low side and I have a melancholic temperament. I tend to experience deeply the things in the present that…

  • 46

    When I was on the cusp of 40, the mother of an old friend told me that her 40s were her favorite years. “I had good health as when I was younger,” she said, “but my career had hit its stride and so I finally had the money to enjoy it.” I’m 46 today, which…

  • Halfway to 90

    When I was in my 20s I used to look at the older guys at work – the guys in their 40s, with their receding hairlines and expanding waistlines – and shudder, and try not to think about my eventual fate. Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Fate has a way of catching up with you. Except that…