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  • Returning to Germany

    Returning to Germany

    Memories of Berlin, some of them unpleasant, as I prepare to return to Germany for the first time since 1984.

  • It happened at the Wall

    Germany was still divided in 1984. We could not know that in five years the Cold War would end, marked dramatically on our televisions by video of East Germans spilling over the Berlin Wall and through its checkpoints. We had all seen photos of it in our history books, of course, and maybe even in…

  • It happened at the Wall

    I spent the summer of 1984 in Germany on an Indiana University exchange program with 29 other Indiana high-school German students. I lived with a kind and patient family in Krefeld for six of the seven weeks I was there; we young Hoosiers spent the seventh week in Berlin. Germany was still divided in 1984.…