Tag: architecture

  • Grand old homes along Indiana’s National Road

    When you build a major road, people build along it to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. When that major road stands the test of time, as the National Road has in Indiana, you find some great old architecture along it. This home, for example, stands along the road in Plainfield. I’m no architectural…

  • New Market on the National Road in Maryland

    A stop in charming, quaint New Market on Maryland’s National Road.

  • The Fairmount House

    The Michigan Road begins in Madison with winding Michigan Hill and its Ohio River view and weeping limestone wall. The Fairmount House overlooks it all from the hill’s crest. Completed in 1872 by Aurelius H. Gibson, who made a fortune in barrel staves and lumber, this home is said to be filled with all the…

  • The Corbin House

    The Corbin House, on the Michigan Road in Plymouth, Indiana, was built by the town’s first mayor. Read the story of the house and Horace Corbin here.

  • The Boardman House

    A quick look at one of the oldest houses in Indianapolis, built 1832 on the Michigan Road.

  • A place to start

    I got my first apartment just before I turned 22. I was excited about having a place to myself, but I didn’t make much money and the classifieds showed affordable apartments mostly in Terre Haute’s rougher neighborhoods. On the way to see one of those apartments one afternoon that summer, I passed through the Collett…