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  • Under fake iPhone skies

    I think the latest iPhones are inserting fake skies into photographs – or are at least over-aggressively processing them.

  • single frame: Fading into the distance

    Old State Road 39 in Martinsville, Indiana.

  • The Logansport City Building

    Logansport’s City Building doesn’t look like much from the outside. I drove by it many times while exploring the Michigan Road without stopping for a photograph. You only get a clue that something interesting may lurk inside when you see the City Building letterforms over the doors. I made these exterior shots on a Michigan…

  • single frame: Evening light on the back yard


  • single frame: Steer in


  • The Apple iPhone 5 camera

    A review of the Apple iPhone 5 as a camera. The verdict: pretty good.

  • 50th anniversary iPhone 5 2014 These are my parents, two years ago on their 50th wedding anniversary, standing on the steps of the church where they were married.

  • Sunset at 75 miles per hour iPhone 5 2015 I took this near Shelbyville, Indiana, as I rode in a van toward Indianapolis on I-74.

  • Sunrise over the Speedway station iPhone 5 2015 While waiting at a stoplight, I stuck my phone through my car’s sunroof to photograph this.

  • Golden bricks Apple iPhone 5 2015

  • 1932 Standard station iPhone 5 2013 I’m planning our Spring Break vacation, so I’ve been thinking about past trips, like the one we took in 2013 along Route 66.  

  • iPhone skies

    I use my iPhone more than any other camera. I took 1,150 photos with it in 2014. It’s always ready to record things I’d like to remember. One of my favorite things to remember is the sky. Or so it turns out: looking through my iPhone photos, I captured it over and over again. Many…