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  • One flies the nest

    A personal reflection as my firstborn moves into his first apartment, after getting his first career job.

  • single frame: Looking up


  • As society changes there’s always someone there to make a buck off it

    Thinking about the greater density actively coming to Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

  • Warm memories of my first apartment

    Does a particular home in your past bring especially warm memories? What made the place so special? I’d love to hear about it in the comments, or better yet, on your blog — especially if you have photos you can share. Last month I shared this post about my first apartment, with some photos from just…

  • Three hundred square feet

    This is the second in a short series about the most difficult time of my life, ten years ago right now. I told this story once before, in November of 2009, but rewrote it for today. She wanted me out, just for a month, just to clear our heads. Ten days later, the double-cross: don’t come back.…

  • A place to start

    I got my first apartment just before I turned 22. I was excited about having a place to myself, but I didn’t make much money and the classifieds showed affordable apartments mostly in Terre Haute’s rougher neighborhoods. On the way to see one of those apartments one afternoon that summer, I passed through the Collett…