Tag: anxiety

  • Report from the pandemic

    Just an update on how things are going here while we shelter in place.

  • Teetotaling

    I’ve quit drinking cold turkey.

  • The safety to express our anxieties

    I’ve written before about how my dad always needed to be in control in our relationship and how never really were able to relate to each other just as men. There was one time when he did it, and it was through seeking my advice about whether to buy what turned out to be his […]

  • What’s the use?

    It’s Down the Road’s fifth blogiversary! All month I’m reposting favorite stories from the blog’s early days. In the spring of 1989 I graduated college, got a job, and moved into an apartment. I kind of hoped Dad would forget I was still driving his old car, but after a few weeks he called and said, “Enough freeloading; […]

  • Checking my barometer

    A large barometer used to hang on the wall in my grandparents’ palatial retirement estate. Grandpa tried to explain to me how it told him when storms were coming, important when you lived in the country in a day before 24-hour TV weather channels, but it went over my young head. But after I grew up my […]

  • What’s the use?

    In 1989 I bought my first brand-new car. I had just graduated college, gotten a job, and moved into an apartment when Dad said, “Enough freeloading; I’m coming in two weeks to get my car back.” I looked for a used car, hoping to save money, but nobody in town would lend me money because […]

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