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  • 56


    Reflections on my 56th birthday, which is tomorrow.

  • 55

    A reflection on my 55th birthday.

  • Signs of aging: Losing my hair

    Indulge me as I reflect on starting to lose my hair.

  • 54

    Reflections on personal congruence on my 54th birthday.

  • 53

    Happy 53rd birthday to me.

  • 52

    I’m realizing that except for fading looks I rather like getting older.

  • 49

    My hair is thinning on top. I wondered if this would ever happen. It started happening to my dad when he was in his late 30s, and he tells me his dad went bald in his 20s. Now it’s my turn. I’m glad I’m tall, or everybody’d be able to see through to my scalp.…

  • 48

    I turn 48 today. I’ve known many people who wring their hands over the birthdays that end in zero. They’re milestones of getting old, after all. But none of them have bothered me so far — certainly not 20, but also not 30, not 40. Some odd birthdays have troubled me unexpectedly. 33 was tough. I…

  • Octogenarian bloggers leave a void when they close their blogs

    In the past few months, two of my favorite film-photography bloggers have ceased posting. I found Mike Connealy’s blog shortly after I restarted my camera collection in 2006. He was doing what I aspired to do: using old film cameras and writing about the experience. Despite his obvious and considerable photographic skill, he wrote of his journey of discovery, sharing his ups and…

  • 47

    I turned 47 yesterday. I’ve loved my 40s. They’ve been the happiest years of my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. That’s not to say I’m a happy person. My natural happiness set point is on the low side and I have a melancholic temperament. I tend to experience deeply the things in the present that…

  • My most enduring work

    My dad turns 72 today. Since he retired about ten years ago, he has given his time and energy to several political and social causes in my hometown, where he still lives. He says that South Bend gave him so much after he moved there from West Virginia that he wants to pay it back. I see…