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  • Photos from the last 127 Day

    Photos from the last 127 Day

    Photos from my Kodak Brownie Starmatic on Kodak Ektar from the last 127 Day.

  • Very expired Kodacolor-X on 127 Day

    Photos on very expired Kodacolor-X film from last 127 Day.

  • Featured 127 film photograph

    One of my photographs from last 127 Day was featured on the 127 Film Photography blog yesterday, along with the photographs of 21 other 127 film photographers. Check it out: http://127film.blogspot.com/2021/02/127-day-exhibition-december-7-2020.html

  • It’s 127 Day

    Because it’s December 7th, 12/7, it’s 127 Day. That’s a day to get out our cameras for 127 film and use them! Today I’ve put that roll of film above (expired 12/1981) into the camera below. I’ll take a photo walk with it today and shoot the whole roll. It’s cold here, about freezing, and…