For Sale

I’m selling cameras from my collection that I’m unlikely to shoot regularly. I’m pricing them more than fairly. I just want them to go to good homes. Keep checking back — I’ll list more gear as I have time.

If you want one (or more!) of these cameras, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell me which and give me your shipping address. I’ll reply with how you can pay me via PayPal, the only form of payment I accept.

If you buy more than one camera in a single order I’ll knock $5 USD off the second and each subsequent camera since combined shipping is cheaper. If you’re outside North America, you get a different deal: I’ll charge actual shipping (which, I warn you, will be super expensive) but knock $10 USD off each camera you buy.

I’ve described each camera honestly based on my last usage and recent inspection, but do ask questions if you’re unsure. I’m selling them as is, no returns or refunds.

Minolta SR-T 101 (and 50mm f/1.7 Rokkor lens)

Minolta SR-T-101$50 USD shipped free anywhere in North America

Mechanical, manual-focus 35mm SLR with coupled light meter.

This camera is in very good cosmetic condition with just some light wear marks, mostly on the bottom plate. The mechanical components all operate smoothly and surely (though I’ve not tested the self timer or the flash ports). See my review here.

The meter is off by about a stop of underexposure. When I shot it most recently, after not having used it in several years, the meter was jumpy. I removed the bottom plate to check the electrical connections and found them to be good. When I put the bottom plate back on the meter responded normally.

Comes with the pictured 50mm f/1.7 MC Rokkor-PF lens with both a clip-on and a screw-in front cap, plus a Vivitar skylight filter. The lens is free of haze and fungus and focuses smoothly.

Rollei A110

Rollei A110$35 shipped free anywhere in North America

Subminiature spy-style camera for 110 film.

This is well-built camera packs a Tessar lens, 23mm at f/2.8, to wring the most performance out of the tiny 110 film frame.

See my review of this camera here.

This one has some nicks in the paint around the film door, and the winder works a little roughly. The lens cover is loose. It’s supposed to cover the lens when the camera is closed and move out of the way when it is open, but that mechanism doesn’t work. The cover slides freely as you tilt the camera. You need to tilt the camera to move it out of the way before you shoot a frame.

Comes with a buttery-smooth leather case, and I’ll include the battery I used when I last shot it, an oddball PX 27 cell.

Minolta Hi-Matic 7

Minolta Hi-Matic 7$30 USD shipped free anywhere in North America

35mm auto-exposure, manual-focus, fixed-lens rangefinder camera.

This large and heavy camera is in very good cosmetic condition, showing minimal signs of wear. Its mechanical components all function smoothly and surely. The rangefinder patch is bright enough for sure focusing. Despite the camera’s heft, it’s pleasant to use. See my review here.

The meter is off by one to two stops of underexposure, unfortunately. It should be possible to compensate by adjusting ISO, unless you’re shooting very slow film.

Comes with a leather “ever ready” case in fair condition; its strap is broken.

Pentax Spotmatic SP II

IMG_2458$12 USD shipped free anywhere in North America

Early 1970s 35mm SLR.

This Spotmatic is a parts camera. It is in good cosmetic condition except for dust in the nooks and crannies. It winds a roughly. A previous owner drilled three holes in the battery cover. I can’t get the meter to respond, and at lower speeds the mirror doesn’t return.

Kodak Retinette IA

Kodak Retinette 1A$12 USD shipped free anywhere in North America

Viewfinder, manual-focus 35mm camera.

I haven’t shot this camera in about 10 years. It’s in good cosmetic condition, but the viewfinder is missing a piece of glass and so renders everything blurry. Otherwise, the camera appears to function properly. See my review here.

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