For Sale

I can’t store all the old cameras I own anymore. So except for the ones I love shooting the most, I’m offering them to you.

I’m pricing them more than fairly. I just want them to go to good homes.

Keep checking back — I’ll keep adding cameras until they’re gone.

If you want one (or more!) of these cameras, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell me which and give me your shipping address. I’ll reply to you at the email address you provide. You’ll pay the price shown plus actual shipping costs, which I’ll communicate to you in advance. I accept only PayPal as payment.

I’ve described each camera honestly based on my last usage and recent inspection, but do ask questions if you’re unsure. I’m selling them as is, no returns or refunds.

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80$5 USD plus actual shipping.

Small autofocus, autoexposure zoom camera. Review and more photos of the camera here.

I last shot it in March of 2017 (photos here) and decided I’d had enough of its fatal flaw: deterioration of the zoom lens’s seal. It’s this camera’s most common fault, leaking light in an arc onto your images when you shoot into or across direct sun.

It’s in good cosmetic condition and except for that deteriorated seal works perfectly. It takes delightful photos — its lens is a winner.

Ansco B2 Speedex – sale pending

Ansco B2 Speedex$5 USD plus actual shipping

Classic 1940s folder that takes square photographs on 120 film. Review of this camera here.

Bellows appear to be light tight. Last time I shot it (February of 2016) the shutter fired surely but the images were a little overexposed, suggesting the shutter is slow.

Kodak 35 – sale pending

Kodak 35 *EXPLORED*$30 USD plus actual shipping.

Viewfinder 35mm camera from the late 1930s or early 40s. See my review of this camera here.

Fully functional. Shutter speeds are accurate enough for good exposures, as of the last time I shot it (Feb. 2015). In very good cosmetic condition.

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