For Sale

From time to time I let go of some gear I’ve collected. I don’t have space to keep everything! This page lists everything available right now.

If you want one (or more!) items, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell me which and give me your shipping address. I’ll reply with how you can pay me via PayPal, the only form of payment I accept.

If you buy more than one item in a single order I’ll give you a good discount because combined shipping is cheaper. If you’re outside North America, you get a different deal: I’ll add to the price to cover actual shipping, which, I warn you, will be super expensive.

I’ve described each camera honestly based on my last usage and recent inspection, but do ask questions if you’re unsure. I’m selling them as is, no returns or refunds, unless something is substantially not as I’ve represented.

Camera Name

$20 shipped free anywhere in North America

35mm SLR. Body only. Read my review here.

This camera is in okay cosmetic condition — it looks like it got a lot of use, but it’s not beat to hell. I’ve only ever shot consumer color film in this camera, with its wide exposure latitude, but the meter returned good exposures every time.

Aperture-priority autoexposure does not work on this camera. But manual exposure does work properly. It’s easy enough to use the camera this way. But that’s why I’m basically giving it away for little more than the cost of shipping.

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