For Sale

From time to time I let go of some gear I’ve collected. I don’t have space to keep everything! This page lists everything available right now.

If you want any of these cameras, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell me which and give me your shipping address. I’ll reply with how you can pay me via PayPal, the only form of payment I accept.

If you buy more than one item in a single order I’ll give you a discount because combined shipping is cheaper. If you’re outside the US, you get a different deal: I’ll add to the price to cover actual shipping, which, I warn you, will be super expensive.

I’ve described each camera honestly based on my last usage and recent inspection, but do ask questions if you’re unsure. Each camera has a 60-day warranty against serious undisclosed defect. If within 60 days a fundamental part of the camera, such as the shutter or the light meter, fails under normal use, ship the camera back to me at your expense and I will refund the purchase price.

At present, I have nothing on offer.