I create almost all of what you read and see here on Down the Road,

Text is copyright 2007-2016 Jim Grey, unless otherwise noted. I reserve all rights. However, this blog ain’t high literature and doesn’t pay any of my bills. So if you republish my words without attributing me and linking back to the original post, the worst I’m likely to do is personally dang you to heck.

Images (mostly photos) fall into two general categories:

  • JamesImages I’ve created. I created most of the images on this blog. (Like the one at right.) They are subject to the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, which basically means that you are free to use them in your noncommercial works if you don’t change them and if you credit me (Jim Grey) and link back to the photo. For any other use, contact me first for permission, which I generally freely grant.
  • Images created by others. Once in a while I use someone else’s image. I try to be honorable about it by following the guidelines below, but sometimes I get it wrong. If you see an image you own here against your wishes, leave a comment and I’ll credit you or remove the image, as you direct.
    • Google Maps screen shots. Google allows using screen shots from Maps as long as they are attributed as described on the Google Maps permissions page. I am doing that starting in September, 2011, when I became aware of this policy. Google used to discourage using Maps screen shots in favor of embedding Maps, but doing that shows the most current imagery and I always want to show imagery as it was at the time I published. So I deliberately went against their guidelines and used screen shots, believing that they were small enough and used infrequently enough to be called fair use. Because I did not record attribution information for these screen shots, I am leaving them unattributed, and I beg Google’s pardon.
    • Copyrighted images where I think my usage is fair use and images that I believe are in the public domain. I use them, usually without attribution.
    • Copyrighted images where I think my usage is not fair use. I get permission and follow the owner’s attribution instructions.
    • Images subject to license. I avoid them.

4 January 2016

5 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. kym says:

    how do u copywrite things? does my blog need to be in a different form or if i put notes on fb that i would like copywrited, how would that work? have a few poems from a long time ago that i would like protected, may enter them in the csu college book that has orginal work only from students later. would u mind giving some guidance? thx kym


  2. kym says:

    i’ve started a blog w/ wordpress as well. kymfarrowrosser@wordpress i haven’t written or even finished setting it up yet, but i can’t figure out how to list things on the top left like u have, especially about copywrite. showing my blond roots again, but at least i’m no longer scared of the computer & willing to try new things, just need guidance at times, help! thx jim


    • You don’t really need to worry about that stuff for now. Just write posts on your blog. That will help you get the hang of the WordPress interface and feel more comfortable.


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