Category: Preservation

  • The General Dean Bridge

    A suspension bridge in the middle of Illinois? Yup.

  • This post about the National Road in Pennsylvania is brought to you by the letter S

    I have this writer/artist friend who tries to get my engineering-school-educated roadgeek goat by saying things like, “Bridges are named after people who stir the soul, the poets and the artists! That’s why you never see bridges named after engineers!” In response, I usually make pshh noises and say things like, “Seeing his design built…

  • The Wilson Bridge on the National Road in Maryland

    Visiting Wilson’s Bridge on the National Road near Hagerstown, Maryland.

  • School renovation

    At first I thought everybody went to elementary schools that looked like castles, with red brick trimmed in white, slate roofs, copper gutters, and wooded yards kept well groomed. The arched wooden entry doors carried on the castle theme. (They were heavy! They were also replaced several years ago with modern glass and steel doors,…

  • The Fairmount House

    The Michigan Road begins in Madison with winding Michigan Hill and its Ohio River view and weeping limestone wall. The Fairmount House overlooks it all from the hill’s crest. Completed in 1872 by Aurelius H. Gibson, who made a fortune in barrel staves and lumber, this home is said to be filled with all the…

  • The Corbin House

    The Corbin House, on the Michigan Road in Plymouth, Indiana, was built by the town’s first mayor. Read the story of the house and Horace Corbin here.

  • The Boardman House

    A quick look at one of the oldest houses in Indianapolis, built 1832 on the Michigan Road.

  • Stone bridge on the Michigan Road

    A 1913 stone bridge still stands on the Michigan Road in Jefferson County, Indiana. Take a short tour of it here!