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  • Hiding in a crowd

    I have a deep desire to become good at street photography. But I’m such an introvert. The thought that I might photograph someone who would notice and then want to talk with me — it’s a real barrier. I have several compact rangefinder cameras that should be fine street shooters, but every time I think about taking one downtown I end…

  • Midway entrance Canon PowerShot S95 (review) 2014

  • Midway entrance Canon PowerShot S95 (review) 2014

  • Fort Vallonia Garrison HouseCanon PowerShot S80 (review)2010

  • Brown Rolls, brown brick Kodak VR35 K40 (review), Fujicolor 200 2011

  • Cross at Corner Only

    Hand-painted street signs like this one were very common in South Bend during my 1970s kidhood there. I remember the school-zone signs in my neighborhood as being hand painted, for example. I took it for granted until I moved away and found that other cities didn’t do it that way. I’m sure that increasing standards…

  • Ready to strike (downtown South Bend) Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010

  • South Bend in the 1980s

    I’ve written a lot about my hometown of South Bend this year. It’s because my parents have sold the house I grew up in and are retiring in Indianapolis, where both of their children and all of their grandchildren are. This is moving week! I’m excited to have them much closer by and am looking…

  • Michigan St. Bridge at Leeper Park, South Bend Kodak Z730 Zoom (review) 2008

  • Amazing skyKodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom (review)2006

  • Just a random turtle

    I had just pulled out of my driveway the other morning when I saw what I thought was a small bag of trash lying in the street ahead. But then I wasn’t sure what it was. And then as I passed it I could see: it was a large turtle! I got out of the car to…

  • My garden’s flowers up close

    My front yard features a good-sized garden, placed there by Verna, the woman who built my house. Unfortunately, she passed away before she filled the garden. And so little by little over the years I’ve been filling it with flowering plants that I can enjoy – and photograph. My photography is pretty powerful motivation considering that I really don’t like digging…