Category: Photographs

  • Argus A-Four Canon PowerShot S80 2010 This simple camera has a surprisingly good lens. I want to shoot it again soon. My review of it here.

  • Captured: Toy cars

    I used to put together plastic model cars when I was a kid. I had probably a couple dozen of them on a shelf in my room. But the models always required some level of detail painting to look really good, and I had neither the steady hand nor the patience to do a good…

  • Calf Canon PowerShot S95 2014

  • Roadside flowers 2014

    When I started taking road trips in 2006, while looking for old alignments and studying the old pavement that I found, I began to notice things I had previously always looked right past. Chief among those things were the roadside flowers, to which I had always been indifferent. But as I really started to see…

  • Roann Covered Bridge Canon PowerShot S95 2014

  • Lanier Mansion, Madison, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 2009

  • Moths hanging out at my front door

    I came home from work one day at the beginning of August to find this beautiful fellow hanging out at my front door. He’s a Waved Sphinx moth. I get a lot of flying insects at my front door. They like my porch light. I would also not be surprised to find that my many mature…

  • Captured: Still life with fan

    The last stop with my friend Dawn on our annual road trip this year was to Stockdale Mill, a restored and functional water-powered flour mill just west of tiny Roann in northern Indiana. Because of Roann’s annual festival in progress, mill tours were operating under extended hours. Our tour guide said that the mill was…

  • Sleepy old dog Kodak Z730 Zoom 2009

  • Captured: Evening light at Oldfields

    Oldfields was the mansion of Eli Lilly, who founded a pharmaceutical company that bears his name and still employs lots of people in central Indiana. Today, the house stands on the marvelous grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The IMA is near my home, so I’m over there all the time with camera in hand.…

  • View from US 50 in Martin County, Indiana Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010

  • Roadside phlox Canon PowerShot S80 (review) 2010