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Saturday morning and time for my weekly roundup of the blog posts I read and liked most.

Jonas Downey, writing for Signal v. Noise, on how software manipulates you every day. Read How You’re Being Manipulated By Software

VIP Pups Argus A-Four, Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros, 2018.

Whatever state you live in, almost all of your Facebook friends live there too. Unless you are wealthy or live in one of the very most populous cities, in which case your network is a little more dispersed. Either way, this has implications on what information you see and what you think of America today. Aaron Renn summarizes. Read State Boundaries are Real

Jim Cavanaugh shows you how to think like a trial lawyer as you read the news — which will help you recognize open-handed investigative reporting vs. reporting designed to trip up its subject. Read A Trial Lawyer’s Secrets For Critical Reading

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This week’s best blog posts:

Kurt Garner on how we’re farther apart then ever as a nation, 17 years after 9/11. A divided country is a defeated country, he says. Read 9/11: Winning the fight, losing the war

Central Park bridge

Canon PowerShot S95, 2016

It’s part of the Midwestern ethos: play hard and work hard to succeed. Aaron Renn wonders if it might be holding the Midwest back. He advocates we focus on winning instead. Read Playing by the Rules in Cincinnati

JP Cavanaugh came upon a 1939 Ford that has been in the same family since new, is largely original, and still gets driven occasionally. This is just the way I like my old cars! Read Curbside Classic: 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe – This One’s a Keeper

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From the blogosphere this week:

Eric Swanger had to have a tire patched early one morning while in Kansas. There he met some mechanics and a farmer, who waxed surprisingly poetic about the previous night’s moon. Read By the Threshold

Garden toys

Argus A-Four, Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros, 2018.

Is it bad form to link to an article I wrote for another blog? Well, if it is, then it’s too late, because that’s what I’ve done here. I came upon a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix at an auction a few years ago, and recently the new owner — in Australia — wrote to tell me the story of his car. I retold it at Curbside Classic. Read Auction Classic: 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have you ever thought you might like to work full time from home? Alister Scott says it has surprising challenges, and he’s had to build a number of routines and habits to do it well. Read Three Years of Working From Home

If you scan your own negatives, David Narbecki (writing for 35mmc) says to just skip the film holders for best performance. Read Scanning From the Emulsion: Getting the Most out of a Flatbed Scanner

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Down the Road, v. 1.0

I’ve changed the typefaces I use here to give Down the Road a fresh look.

Headings are now set in Jubilat, a stylized typewriter typeface. Its wide m width and big, fat bowls makes it super easy to read in a single scan. That’s good mojo for headings.

Body text is now set in Lato. This sans-serif typeface is a significant shift for me. I’m a 30-year staunch member of the “serif typefaces for body text” club. That’s probably because in my early career I wrote for print. Online reading has absolutely moved toward sans-serif fonts. I’ve even seen research that on screens, serifs can hinder reading. Seeing as I don’t mail my blog to you every day, I thought that perhaps I should get with the modern program.

I’m 100% jazzed by Jubilat. I’m only 80% in love with Lato, so I’m trying it on for size for a while. It might quietly change to one of the other available sans-serif typefaces someday.

This change kind of screwed up my pages (About, Cameras, For Sale, et al, available in the menu above) thanks to some weirdness with this theme’s CSS. I am working with WordPress support to resolve it, if it’s resolvable.

I’m a bit of a typeface nerd, in case you were wondering. I’m a bit of a nerd in general, actually. I think it’s part of my considerable charm.

A refreshed look for Down the Road


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Here are the blog posts I enjoyed most this week:

He came upon a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda moldering in a field and it led him to reflect on how men carry their memories: through objects. Which is probably why old men say that their old dead car is not for sale. Read Curbside Classic: 1966 Plymouth Barracuda – Dad’s Boots


Pentax K10D, 18-55mm f/ 3.5-5.6 SMC Pentax-DA AL, 2018.

When you visit a distant city have you noticed how all the hip, cool places look much like the hip, cool places in your city? Aaron Renn has. Read The Unbearable Sameness of Cities

All of us who often have a camera attached to our face want to be better at it. Andrew Tonn offers a good suggestion: shoot photo essays. Read How to Be a Better Photographer: Shoot a Photo Essay

Camera reviews and experience reports:

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Film photography blogs you should follow (2018 edition)

A great joy of film photography is the community of people who enjoy everything about it: the gear, the films, getting out and shooting, and looking at the resulting photographs. Lots of us share our adventures on our blogs.

Self-portrait (crop)

A portrait of the blogger

The community of film photography bloggers is growing. Since I last posted a list of the film blogs I follow, I’ve found a bunch more! To think this is happening when blogs have generally become passé.

I’m going to list all of the photo blogs I follow. If you don’t see your blog here, I hope you won’t feel put out. Maybe I just don’t know about it. Let me know which blogs I’m missing in the comments!

I really look forward to new posts from these blogs:

  • A Conspiracy of Cartographers — This blog from Eric continues the work he started in his blog Load Film in Subdued Light. He shoots with arcane cameras and expired films and gets just wonderful images. I never miss Eric’s posts.
  • Camera Go Camera — Peggy Anne reviews lots and lots of gear, some of it off-the-wall stuff she bought while living in Japan.
  • Casual Photophile — This site written by James and his crew sets the Internet standard for vintage gear reviews. Excellent writing, excellent images, great cameras. I read every post, from beginning to end.
  • Fogdog Blog — John takes his Nikons and his Pentaxes (and sometimes his Leicas) along the northern California coast.
  • Kosmo Foto — Stephen dispels the myths about film: that it’s too hard and too expensive, and breaks film-photography news. Formerly Zorki Photo.
  • Photography and Vintage Cameras – Mike does great work with his old cameras, especially in black and white. He can make an old folder or box camera really sing.

These blogs are pretty active.

  • 35mmc — Hamish Gill and his crew write about cameras and films and photographic skills.
  • A Fortunate Traveler — Stephan has a smattering of film cameras and shares his work from them.
  • Analog Cafe — A group blog of photo essays, reviews, and stories.
  • Attempts at 35mm — Pekka waxes philosophical about cameras and street photography.
  • Barnaby Nutt — Barnaby documents his life with his film camera.
  • Bernard Prunesquallor — Essays on many topics, illustrated with film photographs.
  • burnt embers — “ehpem” has shot less digital and more film since 2013, and this blog reflects that.
  • Canny Cameras — Gear reviews and photographs by Alan D. This site explained why the Lomography 110 film I use sometimes leaves light spots on some images. A tip of the hat for that.
  • coronet66 — Photos from lots of great film gear from this UK blogger.
  • EMULSIVE — A place for film photographers of all backgrounds to share their knowledge, experience, and thoughts about everything related to film photography.
  • Field Photographer — A group blog about gear and adventure with that gear.
  • Filling the Time — Karen explores photography and film cameras.
  • Film Advance — Gary shares images from his eclectic collection of film cameras.
  • Film Beginnings — Gear reviews and photo walks.
  • Film Photography Blog — A straightforwardly named blog from the Film Shooters Collective.
  • Film Photography Project — You gotta include the blog of the FPP gang.
  • I Still Shoot Film — A group blog about all things film.
  • Japan Camera Hunter — Bellamy lives in Tokyo and finds lovely old cameras for you. And writes about film photography.
  • John’s Cameras — Lots and lots of old-camera reviews.
  • mike eckman dot com — Gear reviews out the wazoo, from common cameras to wacky stuff you’ve never heard of.
  • Olli Thomson Photography — A career ex-pat who lives all over the world, shooting his film gear and sharing his work.
  • Photo Jottings — A lot of film camera tests and reviews.
  • Physical Grain — Personal essays, illustrated with film photographs by the authors.
  • reCap — Gear and photographs. A German blog in English.
  • shot on film — New images from old cameras.
  • the6millionpman — Lots of medium format.
  • Why Use Film Cameras? — Frank in Luxembourg shoots film, proving every day that it’s not as expensive as you think.
  • Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic Photos of gear from his extensive collection, mostly Yashicas.

These blogs post less frequently, but I keep them in my feed reader hoping for more.

These blogs have ceased posting, or appear to have ceased posting, and I miss them.

  • 52 Film Cameras in 52 Weeks – After 366 weeks, Tony’s blog about shooting a different camera every week appears to have gone silent.
  • 52 Rolls — A group blog from photographers who commit to shooting one roll of film a week for a year. Looks like this blog went defunct after 2017.
  • Analog Photography At Its Best – Paul Giambarba was the pioneering brand designer for Polaroid in the 1960s and 1970s. He shares his favorite film photos, usually Polaroids, from photographers everywhere.
  • Beacon 225 — Ted collects quirky old cameras and shoots with them. He used to write about them, too.
  • Between light and shadow, a borderline — Roy shares what he’s learned about film photography and shows us his work.
  • Crossings — A film blog, still up in memoriam of the author, who passed away in 2013.
  • Daniel J. Schneider — Daniel posts gear and film reviews, as well as writes about his photographic journey.
  • Jeanne Yang Photography — Lots of 35mm film once passed through Jeanne’s cameras.
  • Malkimata’s Camera — Norman shoots his old cameras and shares his wonderful photos.
  • My Camera Cabinet — Reviews of interesting film cameras.
  • Picturenoise — A film photographer who leans toward lomography.
  • Short Stories — Gerald in the UK and his black-and-whites. Often with interesting stories to tell about them, hence the title.
  • The Casual Camera Collector – Jim writes short essays about film photography: gear, processing, printing, and what remains of the film business.
  • Through a Vintage Lens — T. Rand Collins, M.D., and his collection of cameras from before 1950.
  • Urban Hafner Photography — Software developer by day, film photographer when he can find a moment.
  • What Is a Film Camera — Richard reviews the old film cameras he buys.