The Michigan Road

The Michigan Road is an early Indiana highway. Built during the 1830s, it connected Madison on the Ohio River to Michigan City on Lake Michigan, via Indianapolis.

Michigan Road, Decatur County, Indiana

I’ve been fascinated with the Michigan Road for years. I drove it from end to end in 2008 and documented the trip on my old-fashioned HTML Roads site. I also worked with Kurt Garner from Plymouth, another town on the road, to build a grassroots organization across Indiana that got the road named a State Historic Byway. We formed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that now promotes and protects the road.

I write about the road on this blog from time to time. Here’s a catalog of all of those posts.

These are general posts about the road, our effort to have it named a historic byway, and our effort to promote tourism along it.

These posts are about sights on the road, arranged geographically from south to north.




9 thoughts on “The Michigan Road

  1. Hi Jim
    I am pleased to discover and follow your blog. Do you know what happened to the KODAKKEROUACS?
    I ask because I found their work very very good and inspired….
    Your comment “Summer misses you…” was also inspired.

    • I just finally unsubscribed from their blog the other day in a routine cleanup of my feed reader. I don’t know what happened to them, and I miss them too. They had such a fun project going on.

  2. Gigi says:

    Hi Jim
    I am not real good with my new phone and have never commented on anything before now Came across either your Corbin House or Reflecting Hoosier Reborn About your summer job delivering for your aunt to a hospital in Plymouth u couldn’t find If i’m right it was the old Parkview Hosp. as i was born there in 1949 and it looks like all the big old houses in town

    • I’m sure it had to be Parkview, Gigi! It was 30 years ago this summer that I had that job, and my memories that far back just aren’t detailed enough to call up what the place looked like.

  3. Sue Rice says:

    I would like to see some mention of hill climbing on Michigan Road north of White River and south of the Toll House. Wonderful articles about these events in old Indy newspapers. ” Over 100 cars lined up at the bottom of the hill to take their turn. Surface was dirt or mud! Top time 36 seconds.”

  4. Susie Johnson says:

    Jim, hello, I love your history lesson, we live on Southeastern ave. between Bethholm and Thompson. Across the road is farmland. We are in a battle with developers to keep out 111 dwelling units. There is a creek that runs through our property (New Bethel Creek?), the flooding is unbelievable. My point the developers do not have any maps of tracts where there iis tiles, can you help? I (we) appreciate anything you can find. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Hi Susie, and wow, what a challenge you face. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information whatsoever about your part of the road or the land on it. I wish you luck as you work this through.

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