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The first review of my new book, Textures of Ireland, is in, and it’s positive!

Fellow photoblogger Mike Connealy says in his review, “One thing I have particularly enjoyed about both of Jim’s books is the fact that they closely resemble the style and content of his photography blog, Down the Road. The difference, of course, being that one can enjoy the high quality images on paper without the size limitations and unpredictable variability of any online presentation. Whether displayed on paper or on a screen, however, Jim’s stories are always first rate, reflecting his dedication to achieving ever more mastery of image making and narration.”

You can read the full review here.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet you can do it here. $14.99 + shipping for the paper book, $4.99 for the PDF!

Review of Textures of Ireland


At Connemara National Park

I had lunch the other day with my colleague Rich, and when I told him of my Irish honeymoon he exclaimed delightedly, “Oh! My wife and I were in Ireland in May! The whole time, I felt like we were in a postcard. Especially when we visited Connemara National Park.” I knew just what he meant — Margaret and I visited there too. My camera captured candylike colors.

IMG_3729 rawproc.jpg

We found another postcard view at Drumcliffe. There’s a little church there, and the grave of poet W. B. Yeats. And there’s this view of Benbulben, a prominent rock formation.

Giant's Causeway

The cinematic scenes at The Giant’s Causeway can all generate postcard-worthy photography. I like this scene from the Causeway’s entrance the best.


After an especially long day, we stopped for dinner in the fishing-port town of Killybegs in County Donegal. We had this view from our dining table. On our way out, we stopped in the early-evening light to photograph the colorful scene.

Kylemore Abbey

Finally, here’s the castle at Kylemore Abbey in County Galway. I’ll tell its story in an upcoming post.

Canon PowerShot S95.

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Postcard views of Ireland


Maam Valley

It’s good to be back on the blog! Margaret and I took our Irish honeymoon the first two weeks of September. It was the trip of a lifetime.

We flew to Dublin and immediately took a train to Galway on the opposite coast. There we rented a car and drove north to Ireland’s northern tip. We spent a day in Northern Ireland along the Atlantic coast (where we got to meet fellow photoblogger Michael McNeill) and then over the next several days slowly made our way back to Galway.

We spent several days in Galway, as this is where Margaret’s family is from. We met cousins and saw the remote western island where her grandfather was born and grew up.

From there we took the train back to Dublin, where we spent a couple days. Then we flew home.

In between all the stops we explored the countryside, seeing cliffs and ruins, mansions and everyday homes, and endless sheep. We ate in pubs and, gluten-free diets be damned, drank Guinness. (It didn’t kill us!)

And we soaked in each others’ company, enjoying how we both just liked hiking through nature and touring historic sites with our cameras in our hands. I shot 999 photos with my digital Canon S95, and five rolls of T-Max 400 with my Nikon N2000.

I’m only about halfway through processing the digital photos, and the b/w film shots should be back from the processor early this week. So as photos become ready, I’ll share the best of them here and tell the stories behind them.

This is the 1,500th post on Down the Road!

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Two weeks in Ireland