Indiana State Road 67: Gravel alignments in Owen County

A few miles after SR 67 (here concurrent with US 231) leaves Spencer, the road comes upon a place where a curve was smoothed out. I’m betting this was an early improvement of the road, given that the remnants of the former curve are barely present anymore. I’ve drawn the approximate location of the original curve in blue.

Imagery ©2023 IndianaMap Framework Data, Maxar Technologies, USDA/FPAC/GEO. Map data ©2023 Google.

Where this smoothed-out curve ends, a long and driveable old alignment of SR 67 begins. But a later driveable old alignment of SR 67 exists here as well! The oldest alignment is in blue below, and the newer alignment is in red.

Imagery ©2023 IndianaMap Framework Data, Maxar Technologies, USDA/FPAC/GEO. Map data ©2023 Google.

Google Maps calls the blue alignment CR 255 N at its beginning, but on the ground it’s signed Dunn Road. It’s a gravel road that passes through farm country and a number of homes. It looks like this.

Old SR 67 SW of Spencer

Just before it meets current SR 67, it passes under a railroad overpass. Here’s that view northbound.

Railroad overpass on Old SR 67 NE of Freedom, IN

From here, we just drove the newer alignment northbound. For the most part it resembles Dunn Road, but one part of it looks like this. There was no place for an oncoming car to pass.

Old SR 67 NE of Freedom

500 yards from the south end of these two alignments, another original alignment begins. It’s signed as Strouse Road today, and it leads right to the small town of Freedom.

Imagery ©2023 IndianaMap Framework Data, Maxar Technologies, USDA/FPAC/GEO. Map data ©2023 Google.

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s what the current alignment of SR 67 looks like northeast of Freedom.

Current SB SR 67 north of Freedom, IN

Here’s what Strouse Road looks like.

Old SR 67 NE of Freedom

There isn’t much to Freedom but a smattering of houses. I kind of wish I had photographed it now.

Just south of Freedom, the next old alignment begins. It’s Abrell Road, also known as CR 550 W/CR 770 S.

Here’s the beginning of this stretch, southbound. This hasn’t been SR 67 in a very long time.

Old SR 67 SW of Freedom

It feels incredibly remote out here.

Old SR 67 SW of Freedom

Just before we exited this alignment, we came upon this lonely chimney surrounded with rubble from what used to be a house.

There used to be a house here

The final original alignment in Owen County is 700 yards past the end of the Abrell Road alignment. It passes through a dot on the map called Farmers and is signed as Farmers Road.

This is also a narrow and lightly maintained road.

Farmers Rd - Old SR 67 SW of Freedom

It passes by this cemetery. This is probably the extent of what was once Farmers.

Cemetery on Farmers Rd.

Next: Entering Greene County, finding a right-of-way marker on an original alignment, and a missing bridge.

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6 responses to “Indiana State Road 67: Gravel alignments in Owen County”

  1. -N- Avatar

    I love these adventures!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That makes me happy!


    In the farm community that I grew up in, we would saddle up our horses and ride those wonderful old gravel roads all day. As time marched on more and more of our country roads were paved over. Finally, we would have to ride for a very long way to find a gravel road where we could canter the horses safely. Of course, my mother would clean and dust the house, and as soon as she got done, the road grader would come down our gravel road throwing dust all over again. So she was happy when they got around to paving our road.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I remember in the 70s before my grandparents’ road was paved near Cassopolis, MI, that all the cars out there were always covered in dust.

      On this road trip, the dust got into my car.

  3. Old55 Avatar

    The last free ferry boat in Indiana was on the map as Farmer’s Ferry, but it was not at Farmers. There was nothing but a sign at Farmers and the ferry was south at least a mile and then east on a gravel road. It took me a few trips to find it, but finally did ride it several times in the mid 80s. Would’ve done it more, but you got picked up in the middle of nowhere and dropped off in the middle of nowhere! It stopped by the 1990s.
    Here’s an entertaining article. The Greene County Navy. Ha!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks for this bit of trivia! I know the fellow who wrote the article you linked – he passed away unexpectedly a couple years ago. I had forgotten about his story about the ferry!

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