Indiana State Road 67: Southwestern Indianapolis

I seldom document old roads within the city of Indianapolis. I usually find that there’s no good place to put my car, traffic is too heavy for my safety, and/or the area is sketchy. This is a shame, because these old routes are worth documenting.

In 1926, State Road 67 passed right through Indianapolis. It’s easy to assume that it followed Kentucky Avenue, a road that cuts diagonally through southwest Indianapolis. It did come to follow that road eventually. But parts of its current route didn’t exist in 1926. It was instead routed over the Mooresville Road, which was part of the 1830s Vincennes State Road.

Richard Simpson laid out the original route of SR 67 over current maps in 2020. The black portions of the route are still drivable; the orange portions are not. Mooresville Road and Kentucky Avenue followed the same routing until the community of Maywood, when they diverged.

Map data ©2020 Google. Courtesy Richard Simpson.
Map data ©2020 Google. Courtesy Richard Simpson.
Map data ©2020 Google. Courtesy Richard Simpson.

I probably could have started documenting the original route once I reached I-465. The road out there is not so heavily traveled, and is more suburban and rural than urban. But there’s just not a lot to see — it’s just a road.

However, I should have stopped to document the community of West Newton. Unfortunately, I got turned around there and became quite frustrated. Once my car and I were again on SR 67’s original route, I just gassed it out of there.

Photographs begin in Mooresville. The next installment of this road-trip report begins there.

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5 responses to “Indiana State Road 67: Southwestern Indianapolis”

  1. Suzassippi Avatar

    This was interesting, but I am confused. I generally look up places you write about, since I have never been to any of them. The only West Union I can find is the abandoned Shaker community which is northeast of Friendswood and close to the Illinois state line. I see West Newton on the map above, which has more “community” than West Union and seems to follow 67 based on the map above as well as what shows on current Google maps. It is definitely interesting to see the differences in the states!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I goofed. I meant to type West Newton. I’ll fix the article.

      1. Suzassippi Avatar

        Thanks for clarifying!

  2. J P Avatar

    I have been driving this area quite a bit recently, on a route from the Ameriplex business park to Bloomington via SR67 through Mooresville, until cutting over to I69 via SR39. I’m looking forward to next week.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You’ll definitely be able to see some old alignments you’re passing right by now.

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