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April was an intense month of carspotting for me — I found a whopping 28 old cars parked that month. So while I catch up on sharing the old parked cars I’ve found, April gets its own post.

1967-71 Volkswagen Bus. This one was parked, but as I moved my camera up to photograph it, it pulled out of its parking space and started rolling. I photographed it anyway. Spotted on Massachusetts Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis.

1978-80 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I was blown away to come upon this in the parking lot at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the road.

1980 International Harvester Scout II. I knew what year this was instantly, because that is a one-year-only grille and it was from the last year this vehicle was made. Spotted in the parking lot at Lucas Oil Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis.

1982-91 Porsche 944. I’ve never seen one of these in such rough condition before. Spotted in South Broad Ripple in Indianapolis.

1985-93 Volvo 240 wagon. The 240 wagon is a classic car I’d consider owning. They are so long lived! Spotted in downtown Zionsville.

1986-90 Chevrolet Caprice Estate. Here’s another classic car I’d consider owning. I’ve always thought these were good looking, and I love wagons. Spotted near Lucas Oil Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis.

1987-91 Ford F150. I can’t tell whether this generation was just very reliable, or so many were made that the usual percentage of any car that lasts longer than expected just means a lot of these are still on the road. Spotted in my neighborhood in Zionsville.

1989-92 Ford Ranger. I’ve always liked these, but they’re also too small and cramped inside for me to consider one as a classic vehicle I would own. Spotted somewhere in Zionsville, I think.

1990-94 Chevrolet 2500. I don’t see as many of these still on the road as I do Fords of similar age. Maybe I’m just not noticing them, as I’ve never been a fan of this generation of Chevy truck. Spotted in Madison, Indiana.

1990-94 Toyota Camry. I cheated on this one – it’s parked in someone’s driveway, not on the street. But I was able to shoot it in profile from the adjacent alley, so I let it in. Spotted in Madison, Indiana.

1990-95 Saturn SL. First-generation Saturns are not plentiful, I think because they were inexpensive cars that probably didn’t get good maintenance after they were on their second or third owner. Spotted in Madison, Indiana.

1991-95 Dodge Caravan. Spotted in Madison, Indiana. What a beater this is.

1991-96 Buick Roadmaster. I used to want one of these really badly, but after knowing a few people who owned them, my interest cooled. They just didn’t seem that well screwed together. Spotted in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis.

1992-97 Toyota Pickup. Spotted behind the shopping center nearest my house. I always thought this generation of Toyota truck was good looking.

1994-96 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. Spotted in Madison, Indiana. I preferred the original front fascia, not this plasticky aero one from this car’s last three model years.

1994-99 Cadillac DeVille. I’m sure these connected with their target demographic, but I think they’re boringly styled. Spotted in Muncie, Indiana.

1995-2005 Chevrolet Astro. A lot of these still roll on the roads. I rode in one exactly once, in the front passenger seat. It had terrible legroom there. Spotted in the parking lot at work in Downtown Indianapolis.

1996-99 Ford Taurus. These are finally thin on the ground. They were pretty good cars, they were just strangely styled. Spotted in Muncie, Indiana.

1996-2000 Honda Civic. Spotted in Muncie, Indiana. I can’t believe how much bigger the current Civic looks compared to this.

1997-2001 Honda CR-V. I swear, half of these made had to have been in this color. I forget where I spotted this one.

1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee. Spotted on Massachusetts Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis. I almost don’t want to share these anymore, as they’re still plentiful.

1997-2002 Honda Accord. This one is descending into beaterdom. Spotted in Fountain Square in Indianapolis.

1998-2004 Cadillac Seville. This generation of Seville wasn’t as crisply styled as the previous generation, but they were still attractive cars. Spotted at the Meijer in Whitestown.

1999-2004 Subaru Outback. Did you forget that Subaru made an Outback sedan for a while? I sure did. Spotted in South Broad Ripple in Indianapolis.

2000-03 Ford Taurus. Here’s how you tell a pre-facelift 4th-generation Ford Taurus from a post-facelift one – the grille is more trapezoidal, and less oval, after the facelift. Spotted in my neighborhood in Zionsville.

2000-05 Cadillac DeVille. Spotted in Madison, Indiana. I sure found a lot of Cadillacs in April.

2000-05 Dodge Neon. I have to assume these weren’t too reliable, as they mostly disappeared from the roads within 5 years of going out of production. Spotted at Lowe’s in Zionsville.

2001-04 Chrysler Town and Country. Spotted at the shopping center nearest my home in Zionsville. I’m not a minivan guy, but I always liked the look of these ovoid Chrysler minivans.

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20 responses to “Carspotting April 2023”

  1. Steve Bryan Avatar
    Steve Bryan

    Always enjoy Down The Road, carspotting edition.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks! It’ll be a monthly feature from now on.

  2. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

    Love the Harvester, especially the colour.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Me too! What a find.

    2. J P Avatar

      Your comment is interesting to me, they way you call it a “Harvester”. I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana where these were built. I found it strange that everyone I knew called these an “International”, while at the same time, everyone I knew who worked for that company called it “Harvester”.

      1. marcusterrypeddle Avatar

        I just assumed that International Harvester was to be understood in the same way as Ford Taurus, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Impala and so on. Maybe the Harvester was the only International car most people knew so ‘International’ meant ‘Harvester’.

  3. Jon franklin Avatar
    Jon franklin

    I’ve always been fond of those caprice wagons. Grandpa had one.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, me too. Nobody in my family had one, I just think they’re sharp.

  4. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Can’t believe you found an International Harvester in that good of a shape. When I was a kid in Wisconsin, these were around easily as much as Jeeps.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      They were. But by 1990 they were mostly gone. I have to assume they weren’t hardy.

  5. tbm3fan Avatar

    The Monte Carlo needs better looking wheels and tires. You think 96-99 Taurus and Sables are rare on the ground then imagine out here in California. They have literally disappeared in the last 5 years. I never see any except the one in my garage a 98 Sable wagon needing a new heart. It will get it’s heart as I have acquired all the parts to build a new 3.0L V6 short block this fall and switch the original one out.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      OMG yes about the Monte’s wheels.

      I had a ’96 Sable wagon for a couple years. Green. I liked driving it, but I did not like the head gasket that it blew.

  6. DougD Avatar

    So is the red fender on the Porsche a mimic of General Mayhem on the Roadkill YouTube show?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You’d have to ask the owner!

  7. Tamara Avatar

    The fender flares and turn signals mark your 924 as a 944. I need to go find that one for some snaps!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thank you! I’ll update the text.

  8. Alan D., Jr. Judkins Avatar
    Alan D., Jr. Judkins

    The Buick Roadmaster Wagon is parked on Woodlawn Ave., just east of Virginia Ave. in Fountain Square.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I did spend an evening in FS in April, so it adds up — but I still don’t recognize the place in the photo! I’ll update the text.

  9. J P Avatar

    I spent a bunch of time in an International Scout owned by my best friend’s family. I loved driving it, but theirs was a 6 cylinder that was quite slow. I rode in one with a V8 and a stick shift, and it really scooted. Those things were mechanically hardy, but rusted like crazy. My friends managed to avoid that problem by having teenaged kids wreck it every 2 or 3 years, which resulted in new body panels.

    I cannot believe how rare the Taurus has become. At the same time, those 4th generation Chrysler minivans are still seen from time to time. And I still have a small yen for an original CR-V, but only if it has a stick shift.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Oh yeah, the rust on those Scouts. I’d forgotten.

      The 3rd gen Taurus really has all but disappeared. I still see 4th gens often enough, say once a month. If my 3rd gen Sable is a bellwether, they were prone to cooling system problems. It’s why I sold mine. But when you’re talking 20 year old used car, that’s enough for it to go to The Crusher.

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