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Kurt Ingham. Heather Harris photo.

Kurt Ingham, one of this blog’s regular commenters, passed away yesterday at age 76, of cancer.

Kurt was a strong encouragement to me in my film photography, here, on Facebook, and in email.

We first corresponded back during Operation Thin the Herd, in early 2018, when he bought several of the cameras I decided not to keep in my collection. He got my Konica C35, Polaroid J66, Kodak 35, Ansco B-2 Speedex, Yashica Electro 35, Argus C3, Voigtländer Bessa, and Voigtländer Vito II. I passed on cameras to a lot of people, but Kurt won the prize for taking on the largest number of them.

After that, he sent me emails from time to time when he especially liked something I wrote or something I photographed. We also talked cars — he owned a 1997 BMW M5 and this Mercedes wagon, which sadly did not survive a tree falling on it.

Kurt Ingham photo.

Kurt also sent me good, rational messages in response to my posts during the height of COVID, encouraging me to be cautious but not afraid. I was afraid, at first.

Only of late did I learn that Kurt was a punk rocker back in the day in a band called Chainsaw, and was a championship marksman. Kurt lived a full and interesting life!

Kurt asked nothing of me — he always gave. He was kind and generous, and I’m going to miss his messages.

His wife, rock music photographer Heather Harris, survives. I wish her love and support at she grieves her loss.


17 responses to “Kurt Ingham”

  1. Tom Harrell Avatar
    Tom Harrell

    R.I.P. Kurt

  2. Kosmo Foto Avatar

    Gosh, that’s sad news. He sent me a message only a few days back. This is a nice tribute to him.

  3. matt Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your loss, Jim.

  4. Marc Beebe Avatar

    I just hope he didn’t suffer too much or too long. Not old by my standards.

  5. Darts and Letters Avatar
    Darts and Letters

    I’m so sorry to hear about Kurt’s passing. Thank you for acknowledging it and writing about it, Jim.

  6. Andy Umbo Avatar
    Andy Umbo

    Sorry to see this Jim, amazed how many people are exiting this mortal coil pre-80 years old!

    1. tbm3fan Avatar

      Yes, you noticed that as well as I did several years ago when I had friends pass before 70. A classmate from professional school, highly praised researcher in vision and nutrition passed away recently, at 68, from cancer. A fourth person since summer 2019 to do so from the two most insidious cancer forms in my book. Has me wondering.

      1. Jim Grey Avatar

        In my family, few people reach 80. That’s in part because of poor life choices (pack-a-day smoking) and dangerous jobs, but also I think because we’re just genetically not wired for old age.

        1. Andy Umbo Avatar
          Andy Umbo

          TBM and Jim, yes, I don’t understand it. My cigar smoking Dad lasted until 87, my 1+ pack a day cigarette smoking Mom until 88. I currently have friends whose parents are well into their mid 90’s, and in “OK” shape, just old age forgetfulness. Meanwhile, I’ve had friends and acquaintances leaving us from in their 30’s, and many in their 50’s, to many people I know passing within a few months to a few years after retirement. One reason I didn’t put up too much of a squawk when I was “laid off” at 63 and just decided to make it work. Every day seems to be a gift. Was ours the first generation of using highly processed “east to make” foods? High stress corporate jobs? Post WWII increased tainting of surrounding ground and ground water? All of this? We’ll all be gone when they finally figure it out…

  7. Peggy Avatar

    This news hit me harder than I expected. He was one in a million.

  8. brandib1977 Avatar

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. This is a nice tribute to a special man.

  9. Gil Aegerter Avatar

    Gosh he sounds like a heckuva guy. Great tribute to him.

  10. Ted Shideler Avatar

    I’m very sorry to hear this. Kurt was a bastion of the comments here. I never met him, but he seems to have been a great guy from what he added.

  11. J P Avatar

    So sorry to hear about Kurt – I saw his comments here many times over the years, one very recently. You are fortunate that you had enough of a connection to let you know of his death. So many times, commenters at blogs/websites die or suffer disabling illnesses and we never know about it. All we see is that the comments stopped somewhere along the line.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We all sort of know each other in the film photography community and are often connected on Facebook. However in this case I found out about it when another photo blogger I know wrote about it. But some of the non-film people who’ve commented here over the years and no longer do, I have no idea what happened to them.

  12. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

    Jim, sorry to hear you’ve lost a good friend.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Daniel. I wish I had known him in person.

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